DF95 Series #7

Can you believe that we’re already halfway through the year?  To celebrate (or commiserate) we were treated to a beautiful morning, sunshine, cooling breeze, just the day to be at the cove standing in the water. Ten members thought so too and brought their boats to engage in friendly competition. Bill and Shelley Northup were there, but without boats so Bill called the numbers and Shelley assisted Judy David who kept score. Connie Sampson was also there.  Many thanks to you all.

Paul set the course with the line sort of parallel with the beach as there was a NW wind. A counter-clockwise configuration which headed north to the red/blue mark taken to port then down to the southern, orange mark taken to port, then port round the southern red/blue mark and back to the line approached from the beach side.  We had ten races.

Curtis Rencurrel ran into problems and didn’t race today so nine boats set out this morning. Paul won the first race and one more. He also had two seconds and two thirds allowing him to finish third overall today.  Bill David won the second race and another five, making him the clear winner today by a large margin. Nick Bailey won the third race and finished second four times and third twice and that was enough to clinch second by just one point.

The only other race winner today was Kim and he also had one second and two thirds to finish in fourth place this morning. Al Sampson was fifth closely followed by Wilkie in sixth 

.Al Meyer, Pat, and I splashed around and had fun.The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

If you’re not traveling or need a break from the family for an hour or two come down to the cove for more racing next Tuesday, July 5th when the Solings race again. The tide will be coming in towards a high at 1.21 pm

Then, next Thursday, July 7th it will be the turn of the DF95s.  The tide will be coming in towards a high at 2.56 pm

Have a wonderful July 4th,

Soling 1M Series #7

A sunny, blue-sky morning with a light breeze brought 6 members to the cove with their boats. I say a light breeze, but early on the breeze was virtually non-existent and this caused a delay in the start.  We eventually got going only to find that the starter wasn’t working so improvisation was needed and it came in the form of Judy David counting down the starts using Jim Kelly’s watch. Robert Chappelle joined us to keep score.  Many thanks, Judy and Robert.

 We held 6 races around the usual clockwise course.  Bill David finished on top with 3 wins and 3 seconds.  Paul was second overall with 2 wins, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds.  The only other winner today was Jim Kelly who also had 1 second and 4 thirds.

The full results and all the other news are on our website mhbmyc.org

Nobody failed to start or finish a race and the starts were all clean: no barging or bumping, just air and water!  Well done everyone.

The Solings sail again next Tuesday, July 5th when the tide will be coming in, heading to a high at 1.21 pm.

Before that, though on Thursday, June 30th the DF95 fleet takes to the water when the tide will be going out from a high at 09.52

Good clean fun today despite the difficulty of that first mark……Oh no. Missed it again…..

And when Kim operated the starter after the racing….it worked.

Another good day at the cove. if you missed it, come along next time, and don’t forget to send or give the membership fees to Kim if you haven’t already done so.

Stay safe, happy, and have fun,

DF95 Series #6

Another nice summer day with yet another quirky, flukey breeze saw 12 members for racing this morning. Shelley Northup took care of the starting and scoring and was assisted by Al Sampson’s wife, Connie.  Thank you both very much. 

Paul set the course with the line roughly east, west. all marks were taken to starboard. South from the line, round the two marks, then north to the far mark, and back to the line.  We had nine races with the last race being twice around.

There were 4 race winners today. Paul won four, Nick Bailey won two, Jim Kelly won two and Kim won one.

Overall Paul came first, Nick was second, and Bill David was third.

Personal thanks to Al who rowed out and separated my boat from a buoy and to Paul who did a long-distance row to rescue our boats locked together. Just another day at the races!

The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

More racing next Tuesday, June 28th when it will be the turn of the Solings. the tide will be heading out to a low at 1.12 pm.

The next outing for DF95s will be Thursday, June 30th when the tide will be going out from a high at 09.52.

While most members have paid their dues, some still haven’t so please get your $25 checks to Kim.

Lots of fun in the puzzling wind today

Stay safe and well, and have fun,

Rob Hill Wins EC-12 Regatta

Thanks for the congrats. It was a great event.

The Stowe Yacht Club hosts two events, back to back, in early June – Region 1 J Boat
Championship followed by the Green Mountain EC 12 regatta which has become the Region 1 EC 12 Championship. They have been doing this one for many years, and I’ve done it maybe 12 years including traveling from Chicago to attend.  It’s a great time in a beautiful location.
The regatta location is the pond behind the Commodores Inn in the valley below the ski resort. The hotel hosts us, handles food and serves as regatta central. The owner of the hotel is a well recognized blue water big boat racer.
Stowe is renowned for light air which frustrates many first timers. But it’s a good learning experience and the racing atmosphere is decidedly relaxed.

This year was very unStowe like. Heavy air and cold. The J’s were first up, Thursday and Friday. Cloudy, rainy and 10 to 12 wind. We used full A rigs in day 1, barely under control. Most of us reduced sail on day 2. I used a B+ main and a full size jib which proved to be very fast but still mostly controllable. At one point, my boat was leveled by a gust, sails underwater, and I feared my 65lbs of ballast would dislodge inside the hull and sink the boat. A long minute and the boat slowly righted. Also dismasted in a collision near the end of day 2. Managed to put things back together and finish the regatta. The other boat weighs 100 lbs.
AMYA President Chuck Millican took 1st. I took 2nd.

The Green Mtn was held Sat and Sunday. More of the same weather. Cool, a little rainy and 12ish wind. A rigs Saturday. 12 races. Some breakdowns as the rigs overpowered the boats. Saturday night, temps dropped to mid 40s in the valley, snow showers on the mountain. Sunday morning, very brisk temps, NW wind 12 to 15 with higher gusts. Lots of black holes on the pond. Mostly B rigs which still over powered the boats in the gusts. The day was a real battle up wind to keep the boats moving. Lots of knock downs. Nine races on Sunday.
We had 13 boats both days. I used new sails both days from Ct. sailmaker Brian Kerrigan.  They worked superbly. The fleet was not as strong as is usual for Stowe, so the start line was a little soft allowing me to get my preferred pole position most of the time. Being windward boat gave me a huge advantage in the gusts both days. Off the line quick and in clear air, I could feather the boat upwind at will to keep it upright and driving. The boats below me generally didn’t have the room to deal with the gusts. Of the 21 races, my three throw outs were a 12, 5 and 3. I won 16 of the 21 races. A real testament to Brian’s sails. They just powered the boat forward both days. 
I stayed with pretty much the same track both days, trying to be windward boat throughout. Paid off handsomely. Dominic Bonanno from NJ took 2nd, 40 pts behind and Chuck Millican took 3rd, 9 pts behind Dom. You walk the course at Stowe, and I figured we covered 15 miles up and down the pond during the 4 days. A real treat and a good time for all.
As I write this, I’m on my way to Chicago for the Santa Barbara Nat’l Championship Thur and Fri and the J boat National Championship Sat and Sun. Certain to be a competitive 4 days.
See you next week.

Judy Bonanno photo

Soling 1M Series #6

The first official day of summer, rapidly warming and with a quirky, flukey breeze brought 9 members and their boats to the cove this morning.  Bill David’s wife, Judy took on the task of starting races and keeping score and Shelley Northup was there to help too. Thank you both very much. 

We started 15 minutes earlier than usual to allow for a discussion on the rules of racing as applicable at the starting line. This informative session was ably led by Paul Mercer and seemed to have had the desired effect during today’s starts. Thanks, Paul.

We, once again, had a starting line vaguely parallel with the shore. The start was out from the shore then head towards the two southerly marks, both taken to starboard, then the long run to the northerly red and blue mark also taken to starboard then back to the line.  

We ran seven races with the last race being twice around.

It was apparent from early on that the main protagonists today were Bill David, Paul Mercer, and Jim Kelly.  Jim was racing a new Vac-u-Boat again today and that was the order today. It was close with Bill D on 11 points, Paul 12, and Jim 13.

Bill D. won 3 races, Paul won two races and Jim won one,

The only other race winner today was Bill Raposa and he was sixth today although he should have gotten some recognition for rowing out quite a way to rescue Bill Northup’s and Kim’s boats which were entangled.  Danny McHugh was fourth overall.  Have a good cruise, Dan.

Kim was fifth and Bill R just beat Bill N by one point.

Pat’s and my boats had a few problems but we enjoyed the fun nevertheless.

A special mention to Bill David who grabbed the dinghy as it floated past him and was rewarded with water in his waders.

The full results and all the news are on our website mhbmyc.org

The next Soling race day will be Tuesday, June 28thwhen the tide will be going out towards a low at 1.12 pm.

Before then, next Thursday, June 23rd it’s the return of the DF95s when the tide will be coming in from a low at 09:55AM. At this point, the weather is questionable so keep an eye out for alerts by email and on the website.

It’s Summer!

Let the good times roll,

DF95 Series #5

A rather cloudy day failed to entice many members down to the shore  A temperature of 68 and a brisk breeze from the south made ideal conditions for these little boats, but only six boats raced today. I kept score and was later aided by Wilkie who retired after the first five races. Thank you, Wilkie.

There was a straightforward course this morning: South to the red and green mark and the orange mark, taken to starboard, then downwind to the red and blue mark, taken to starboard, then back to the line.

Paul Mercer won the first race, with Rich Field second and Nick Bailey third and it so happens that that was how they finished overall at the end of the twelve races.

Paul won a total of eight races and finished in second place once and had one third.

Rich had eight seconds and two thirds while Nick had two wins, two seconds, and six thirds

Others finishing in the top three places in individual races were Kim with two wins and two thirds and Jim Kelly with one second and one third.

Well done everyone. we had some close racing today, it was just a shame that there weren’t more competitors to grab a piece of the fun

The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

reminder to get those $25 membership fees to Kim. Checks please made out to  MHBMYC.

The next outing for DF95s is next Thursday, June 23rd when the tide will be coming in from a low at 09.55.

Next Tuesday, June 21st is the next opportunity for the Solings. The tide will be coming in from a low at 08.32. 

Will Soling sailors please be there for a 10.45 discussion on the start line rules of racing?

Things were a little rough at times last Tuesday. The discussion will be led by Paul Mercer.

Have an enjoyable weekend, stay safe, well and happy, smile and have fun,

Soling 1M Series #5

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the fish were jumping and the Solings were sailing. A really nice Summer’s day.  This morning there were nine boats in the water at the start and eight races were run. Shelly Northup was there to support Bill and Robert Chappelle came along to spectate but was roped in to keep score. Thank you, Robert. There was quite a stiff breeze from the northwest which made setting the start line quite difficult for Bill Raposa. The start line was close to shore and close to parallel with the beach just offset with a jaunty angle. The course was out from the shore to the northern red mark, then downwind to the southern red mark, all to port then back to the line. The final race was run twice around.

It was Bill David’s day with six wins and nobody else came close to his 9 points. We use the low point scoring method remember and Bill Raposa was second with 25 points and Paul Mercer third with 26 points. 

The full results and all the news can be found on our website, mhbmyc.org

Let’s do it all again next Tuesday, June 21st when the tide will be coming in towards a high at 3.07 pm.

But before that, next Thursday, June 16th it’s the turn of the DF95s when the tide will have just turned from a high at 10.22.

Stay safe and well, and have fun,

Soling 1M Series #4

From where I was sitting, waiting patiently for the plumbing service, the conditions looked perfect for a good morning’s racing.  And so it turned out. Paul Mercer reported that conditions were indeed perfect with a sunny start and a brisk SW breeze.  There were nine boats in the water, eight members, and one guest, Bob Caras. The full results are on our website, mhbmyc.org

Danny McHugh came out on top with a very consistent performance, no wins but 5 seconds in the nine races.

Jim Kelly brought one of the new Vac-u-Boat Solings and finished second overall.

Kim Hanna was third. Jim and Kim won one race each, but Sam Morgan and Paul Mercer each won three races.  But lower place finishes and boat problems pushed them down the order.

The two Bills, Raposa and Northup had some issues with their boats during the morning as did Pat Donovan and Bob Caras.

But all reports indicate that there was a good measure of fun.

Solings race again next Tuesday, June 14th when the tide will be going out with a low at 1.33 pm.

DF95 racing tomorrow is canceled owing to rain and possible thunderstorms

DF95 racing will resume on Thursday, June 16th when the tide will be high. High at 10.22.

Take care, stay safe and have fun,

DF95 Series #3

There was an excellent turnout this morning for the latest version of Rob Hill’s D95 Clinic. Non-racers today who turned up included Pat Donovan, Bill Raposa and Jim Pascalides. The clinic was extremely informative covering the basics and many hints and tips. Everybody was very appreciative and gave Rob a huge round of applause. We all learned something and were eager to put our new knowledge to the test.There were eleven boats racing today in a light wind. This continued until the fourth race when the wind died completely such that most boats couldn’t sail back to shore and Rob had to row out and collect the fleet. Thank you, Rob.Kim Hanna won all three races and Rob was second in all three. Bill David was third in the first race and Rich Field was third in the next two. Well done. Of course with only three races, this event won’t score for the series, but Kim’s. sailing was near perfect.Despite the lack of wind, I think everyone had a good time so let’s do it again next week.Thanks to Rob whose DF95 clinic, always good, improves with age.
The full results and all the latest news are on our website mhbmyc.org
The next outing for DF95s will be Thursday, June 9th when the tide will be coming in from a low at 09.23.But before that, next Tuesday, June 7th the Solings will take to the water when the tide will be coming in with a high at 2.41 pm.
Stay safe well and happy,