Soling 1M Series #5

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the fish were jumping and the Solings were sailing. A really nice Summer’s day.  This morning there were nine boats in the water at the start and eight races were run. Shelly Northup was there to support Bill and Robert Chappelle came along to spectate but was roped in to keep score. Thank you, Robert. There was quite a stiff breeze from the northwest which made setting the start line quite difficult for Bill Raposa. The start line was close to shore and close to parallel with the beach just offset with a jaunty angle. The course was out from the shore to the northern red mark, then downwind to the southern red mark, all to port then back to the line. The final race was run twice around.

It was Bill David’s day with six wins and nobody else came close to his 9 points. We use the low point scoring method remember and Bill Raposa was second with 25 points and Paul Mercer third with 26 points. 

The full results and all the news can be found on our website,

Let’s do it all again next Tuesday, June 21st when the tide will be coming in towards a high at 3.07 pm.

But before that, next Thursday, June 16th it’s the turn of the DF95s when the tide will have just turned from a high at 10.22.

Stay safe and well, and have fun,