Soling 1M Series #6

The first official day of summer, rapidly warming and with a quirky, flukey breeze brought 9 members and their boats to the cove this morning.  Bill David’s wife, Judy took on the task of starting races and keeping score and Shelley Northup was there to help too. Thank you both very much. 

We started 15 minutes earlier than usual to allow for a discussion on the rules of racing as applicable at the starting line. This informative session was ably led by Paul Mercer and seemed to have had the desired effect during today’s starts. Thanks, Paul.

We, once again, had a starting line vaguely parallel with the shore. The start was out from the shore then head towards the two southerly marks, both taken to starboard, then the long run to the northerly red and blue mark also taken to starboard then back to the line.  

We ran seven races with the last race being twice around.

It was apparent from early on that the main protagonists today were Bill David, Paul Mercer, and Jim Kelly.  Jim was racing a new Vac-u-Boat again today and that was the order today. It was close with Bill D on 11 points, Paul 12, and Jim 13.

Bill D. won 3 races, Paul won two races and Jim won one,

The only other race winner today was Bill Raposa and he was sixth today although he should have gotten some recognition for rowing out quite a way to rescue Bill Northup’s and Kim’s boats which were entangled.  Danny McHugh was fourth overall.  Have a good cruise, Dan.

Kim was fifth and Bill R just beat Bill N by one point.

Pat’s and my boats had a few problems but we enjoyed the fun nevertheless.

A special mention to Bill David who grabbed the dinghy as it floated past him and was rewarded with water in his waders.

The full results and all the news are on our website

The next Soling race day will be Tuesday, June 28thwhen the tide will be going out towards a low at 1.12 pm.

Before then, next Thursday, June 23rd it’s the return of the DF95s when the tide will be coming in from a low at 09:55AM. At this point, the weather is questionable so keep an eye out for alerts by email and on the website.

It’s Summer!

Let the good times roll,