DF95 Series #3

There was an excellent turnout this morning for the latest version of Rob Hill’s D95 Clinic. Non-racers today who turned up included Pat Donovan, Bill Raposa and Jim Pascalides. The clinic was extremely informative covering the basics and many hints and tips. Everybody was very appreciative and gave Rob a huge round of applause. We all learned something and were eager to put our new knowledge to the test.There were eleven boats racing today in a light wind. This continued until the fourth race when the wind died completely such that most boats couldn’t sail back to shore and Rob had to row out and collect the fleet. Thank you, Rob.Kim Hanna won all three races and Rob was second in all three. Bill David was third in the first race and Rich Field was third in the next two. Well done. Of course with only three races, this event won’t score for the series, but Kim’s. sailing was near perfect.Despite the lack of wind, I think everyone had a good time so let’s do it again next week.Thanks to Rob whose DF95 clinic, always good, improves with age.
The full results and all the latest news are on our website mhbmyc.org
The next outing for DF95s will be Thursday, June 9th when the tide will be coming in from a low at 09.23.But before that, next Tuesday, June 7th the Solings will take to the water when the tide will be coming in with a high at 2.41 pm.
Stay safe well and happy,