DF95 Racing 6/29/23

A sunny day after all the unsettled weather we have been having lately brought 11 members to the cove this morning. The wind was light at the start but picked up nicely as the morning went on. The start line was roughly parallel with the shore and consisted of the pin and the red mark. The course led west from this line to starboard around the white mooring buoy, then north to starboard around the brown buoy, towards shore for starboard around the red starting buoy, back out to the white ball, taken to port and back to the line. This course was followed for the first 6 of the 8 races. Races 7 and 8 went out to the blue northerly mark for a longer course.

 We welcomed Ben Wilkinson as a guest racer and Ross Hudson, a friend of Al Sampson’s, and Henry DeWolfe as spectators. Another gentleman from Little Compton, a friend of Henry DeWolfe’s also came along to watch for a while, but, I’m afraid, I didn’t get his name.

Connie Sampson looked after the scoring today. Thank you so much, Connie. 

Racing was very close and competitive this morning and although Kim won only one race today, he had lots of seconds and thirds and became a clear winner overall today.

Paul Mercer and Rich Field both had the same points, but Paul got second place because he had more wins than Rich. Guest racer, Ben impressed everybody with 4 wins. If he hadn’t had those battery problems….. who knows?  Ben was 4th today.

Other sailors with a top three race finish were Al Sampson, Charlotte Stone, Nick Bailey, and David Vigeant.

Nick also carried out a clever rescue of Ben’s boat in race 2. Ben’s battery failure left Ben’s boat floating around offshore. Nick maneuvered his boat to tuck in behind Ben’s sail and bring it to shore. 

Nick took a DNF to help a fellow sailor. Very well done, Nick.

A more difficult rescue took place when Al Sampson’s boat got tangled up with Albert Meyer’s boat right out by the blue buoy. We hadn’t unlocked the rescue dinghy so Al Sampson swam out

and rescued them. Al returned, an exhausted hero. Very well done, Al.

The full results and other news can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

DF95s race again on Thursday, July 6thfor those not still holidaying when the tide will be high just around race start time. Paul, Kim and I won’t be there and I have the starter and scoresheet.

Please let me know who will collect them.

Solings skip next week for the July 4thholiday and race next on Tuesday, July 11th when the tide will be midway and coming in.

Finally: We have had several inquiries about boats for sale, either Solings or DF95s. If you have one or know of one for sale please let me know and I’ll pass the information on. Thanks

Have a great weekend followed by a wonderful July Fourth,


DF95 Racing 6/22/23

After a period of off again, on again and off again, we finally agreed to race this morning. Nine members brought their boats to the cove. Judy David and Connie Sampson started the races and kept score. Thank you both very much.

The chosen course: The starting line was between the orange and red marks, head north and take the blue mark to port, south to the orange taken to port, back north to the blue taken to port, and downwind to the line. We ran this course for all six races.

There was a family on the beach with five young girls swimming. As Bill David was the first to practice and spoke nicely to them, they decided to root for him and shouted, “Double zero, double zero”.

It didn’t help as Bill was sidelined with a battery that wouldn’t hold its charge. It drifted back to the shore. Rich Field wasn’t so lucky. The same thing happened to his boat and the fail-safe worked but he had to row out and rescue his boat. This happened in the first race. What a coincidence that the involuntary battery discharge would happen to two boats in the same race. Short circuits, anybody?

The other boat that didn’t finish the first race was Wilkie, but at least he finished the next two races before retiring with unknown causes.

Bill Raposa, Ward Hough and I continued to work hard as spectators. Ward is from Little Compton and is considering getting a boat to race with us.

The wind was gusty and changeable and provided a challenge that was, however, overcome by Jim Kelly who won 5 races and, with one throwout, he had a perfect score. The only other winner was Henry who also had 4 second places and one third to finish second overall today. Kim was third with 2 seconds and 3 thirds. The next four places went to Al, David, Wilkie, and Albert.

Very unusually Bill David and Rich left pointless today.

All the news and results can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

Good luck to our sailors who will be taking part in the Patriot Travelers Trophy races at Leicester, MA this coming Saturday.

DF95s race again in our club next Thursday, June 29th when the tide will be coming in from a low at 10.10.

Before that, the Solings take their turn on Tuesday, June 27th when the tide will be coming in, heading for a high at 3.35

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, have a great time.


Soling Racing 6/20/23

It was a rather chilly, but sunny start to the morning with a light breeze. By the race start time it was warmer and a very pleasant time for sailing so it was disappointing that only four members turned up today. Bill Raposa won 3 races and had 2 second places to top the short listing today. Well sailed, Bill.

The other Bill, Bill David, was second with 2 wins, 1 second, and 2 thirds.

Kim was equal on points with Bill, but Bill took the place by virtue of 2 wins against Kim’s one.

Kim had 3 second places and two thirds, one of which was his throwout.

My boat only finished one race before it got rather wet inside. Bill David had a problem and didn’t finish the last of the six races as his sail servo suffered severe stress!

Surviving it all was Bill’s wife, Judy who did her usual perfect job of starting and scoring. Many thanks, Judy. 

The full results can be found on our website, mhbmyc.org

On Thursday, the DF95s take to the water with the tide coming in, with a high at noon.

The next opportunity for the Solings to race will be next Tuesday, June 27thwhen the tide will be mid-level coming in to a high at 3.35 pm

Come on, Soling sailors, best foot forward and all that………………


DF95 Racing 6/15/23

Ten members arrived at the cove today on a partly sunny morning with the tide almost fully out. Eight of them brought boats to race. However, new member Charlotte Stone’s transmitter detached itself from its neck strap and it fell into the water before the start of racing. Gallantly, Wilkie loaned Charlotte his boat so seven boats competed today, but Wilkie did not.

Paul set the course: South to the red mark, downwind to the blue both taken to starboard and back to the line. This course was judged to be a little too short so from the second race a further leg was added: Upwind from the blue to the red, port rounding, then downwind to the finish.

There were seven races today and Rich won four of them and, with two second-place finishes, he was easily first overall. Paul had two wins and four third places to come second just one point ahead of Bill David who finished third. Bill had one win, two seconds, and two thirds.

The only other finisher in the top three places was Kim who had three second places. Kim was followed by Charlotte, Albert, and David.

David only finished the first race as he had rudder servo trouble in the second. His rudder would either not work or just spin! Charlotte also had a problem in the second race when the line unwound itself from the sail servo drum. Soon mended by Wilkie.

The starting and scoring were managed, once again, by Judy David. Thank you very much, Judy. 

Pat Donovan came along to lend support and promised to bring his boat next week.

Wilkie, you’re a gentleman and I hope the new transmitter arrives in time for next week’s racing.

The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

A reminder that annual fees are due, payable by check “MHBMYC” to Kim, please.

In a week’s time, on June 22nd, the DF95s race again when the tide will be high at noon.

Before that, on Tuesday, June 20th it’s the turn of the Solings when the tide will be going out from a high at 10.30.

Keep smiling and have a great weekend.


DF95 Racing June 8th

The Canadian smoke, coolish temperature, and light breeze didn’t deter 8 sailors from bringing their boats to the cove today. Pat Donovan and I were there without boats and Judy David took care of starting and scoring. Connie Sampson was there too and took some photographs.

Thank you both.

All eight boats finished the first race, run in slow motion over a short course; Bill,

Henry, Nick, Paul, Rich, Al, David, and Albert.

The second race was equally slow and was marred by a dispute about the penalty for being over the start line early. In later discussion, we decided that, in this club, the penalty would be to round a starting mark. The top three in the second race were Nick, Henry, and Rich. 

In the third race, the course was shortened even more but only Bill managed to round the first mark.

There was one point when a group of boats approaching the mark were at a complete stop.

Judy remarked that this was “still life”…..and Connie took a picture.

At that point proceedings ended. No scoring today.

Let’s hope for better weather next week.

The next race day is for Solings, next Tuesday, June 13th when the tide will be coming in from a low at 10.19

And the following Thursday, June 15th, DF95s take their turn when the tide will be at a low at 11.36.

Don’t forget to get all the club news on our website mhbmyc.org

And a reminder to send your annual dues ($25) to Kim. Checks, please, made out to MHBMYC

Have a happy, smoke-free weekend,


Soling Racing Today

Another chilly start to the day, but it warmed up quickly and 7 members brought their boats to the cove this morning. The tide was high, the wind was variable from the northwest and then the west and from about 6mph to a fraction above zero.

Judy David looked after starting and scoring, once again. Many thanks, Judy.

I won’t attempt to describe the course as it varied with the wind, but Soling Fleet Captain, Bill Raposa set the initial course and Paul set a later one. We also had a lengthy break waiting for the wind to return. We were able to finish 6 races. In the second race, Danny’s boat had a problem when his boat went out of control and took off at high speed. Danny also had to take off at high speed in the row boat and rescued his boat. The problem turned out to be a wet switch so he plugged the battery directly into the receiver and completed the day’s racing. I had a sail servo arm problem and my temporary fix only lasted for race 3.

Bill R had an appointment with an Appliance man and left after four races. As he said, “I can’t miss this appointment as I want my beer cold”.

There was a lot of close racing today with three sailors, Kim, Bill D, and Paul, winning two races each, so everything would hinge on the places. Paul entered the scores and found that Kim and Bill had 9 points each and he had 10. All three also had two second-place finishes so, on to looking at third place. Guess what….they both had one third-place finish!

Paul gave the tiebreak to Kim on the grounds that Kim had one fourth-place finish and Bill’s next-best finish was fifth. I agreed. It seemed logical and straightforward but Bill raised a friendly objection and said that as those final places were the subject of a throwout they couldn’t be included. What to do?

Bill exercised his option to “phone a friend”, in this case, his son who’s an expert in sailing and scoring rules. His ruling, “Use the position of the last race”.

Kim still won!

The full results can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

DF95 racing is next Thursday, June 8th when the tide will be coming in, with a high at 12.28

The next racing for Solings is next Tuesday, June 13thwhen the tide will be coming in from a low at 10.19

The moral of this story is: keep your switches dry and your beer cold.


PS  I’ll be sending out an email about annual fees and a few items the club has for sail within the next day or two.

Racing and buoy rounding

Interesting photo of racing last Thursday. The red buoy is the upwind mark and was to be left to starboard. Which boat had rights, and how did this turn out? Thanks to Connie Sampson for the photo!!