DF95 Racing June 8th

The Canadian smoke, coolish temperature, and light breeze didn’t deter 8 sailors from bringing their boats to the cove today. Pat Donovan and I were there without boats and Judy David took care of starting and scoring. Connie Sampson was there too and took some photographs.

Thank you both.

All eight boats finished the first race, run in slow motion over a short course; Bill,

Henry, Nick, Paul, Rich, Al, David, and Albert.

The second race was equally slow and was marred by a dispute about the penalty for being over the start line early. In later discussion, we decided that, in this club, the penalty would be to round a starting mark. The top three in the second race were Nick, Henry, and Rich. 

In the third race, the course was shortened even more but only Bill managed to round the first mark.

There was one point when a group of boats approaching the mark were at a complete stop.

Judy remarked that this was “still life”…..and Connie took a picture.

At that point proceedings ended. No scoring today.

Let’s hope for better weather next week.

The next race day is for Solings, next Tuesday, June 13th when the tide will be coming in from a low at 10.19

And the following Thursday, June 15th, DF95s take their turn when the tide will be at a low at 11.36.

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Have a happy, smoke-free weekend,