Soling Racing Today

Another chilly start to the day, but it warmed up quickly and 7 members brought their boats to the cove this morning. The tide was high, the wind was variable from the northwest and then the west and from about 6mph to a fraction above zero.

Judy David looked after starting and scoring, once again. Many thanks, Judy.

I won’t attempt to describe the course as it varied with the wind, but Soling Fleet Captain, Bill Raposa set the initial course and Paul set a later one. We also had a lengthy break waiting for the wind to return. We were able to finish 6 races. In the second race, Danny’s boat had a problem when his boat went out of control and took off at high speed. Danny also had to take off at high speed in the row boat and rescued his boat. The problem turned out to be a wet switch so he plugged the battery directly into the receiver and completed the day’s racing. I had a sail servo arm problem and my temporary fix only lasted for race 3.

Bill R had an appointment with an Appliance man and left after four races. As he said, “I can’t miss this appointment as I want my beer cold”.

There was a lot of close racing today with three sailors, Kim, Bill D, and Paul, winning two races each, so everything would hinge on the places. Paul entered the scores and found that Kim and Bill had 9 points each and he had 10. All three also had two second-place finishes so, on to looking at third place. Guess what….they both had one third-place finish!

Paul gave the tiebreak to Kim on the grounds that Kim had one fourth-place finish and Bill’s next-best finish was fifth. I agreed. It seemed logical and straightforward but Bill raised a friendly objection and said that as those final places were the subject of a throwout they couldn’t be included. What to do?

Bill exercised his option to “phone a friend”, in this case, his son who’s an expert in sailing and scoring rules. His ruling, “Use the position of the last race”.

Kim still won!

The full results can be found on our website

DF95 racing is next Thursday, June 8th when the tide will be coming in, with a high at 12.28

The next racing for Solings is next Tuesday, June 13thwhen the tide will be coming in from a low at 10.19

The moral of this story is: keep your switches dry and your beer cold.


PS  I’ll be sending out an email about annual fees and a few items the club has for sail within the next day or two.