DF95 Racing 6/29/23

A sunny day after all the unsettled weather we have been having lately brought 11 members to the cove this morning. The wind was light at the start but picked up nicely as the morning went on. The start line was roughly parallel with the shore and consisted of the pin and the red mark. The course led west from this line to starboard around the white mooring buoy, then north to starboard around the brown buoy, towards shore for starboard around the red starting buoy, back out to the white ball, taken to port and back to the line. This course was followed for the first 6 of the 8 races. Races 7 and 8 went out to the blue northerly mark for a longer course.

 We welcomed Ben Wilkinson as a guest racer and Ross Hudson, a friend of Al Sampson’s, and Henry DeWolfe as spectators. Another gentleman from Little Compton, a friend of Henry DeWolfe’s also came along to watch for a while, but, I’m afraid, I didn’t get his name.

Connie Sampson looked after the scoring today. Thank you so much, Connie. 

Racing was very close and competitive this morning and although Kim won only one race today, he had lots of seconds and thirds and became a clear winner overall today.

Paul Mercer and Rich Field both had the same points, but Paul got second place because he had more wins than Rich. Guest racer, Ben impressed everybody with 4 wins. If he hadn’t had those battery problems….. who knows?  Ben was 4th today.

Other sailors with a top three race finish were Al Sampson, Charlotte Stone, Nick Bailey, and David Vigeant.

Nick also carried out a clever rescue of Ben’s boat in race 2. Ben’s battery failure left Ben’s boat floating around offshore. Nick maneuvered his boat to tuck in behind Ben’s sail and bring it to shore. 

Nick took a DNF to help a fellow sailor. Very well done, Nick.

A more difficult rescue took place when Al Sampson’s boat got tangled up with Albert Meyer’s boat right out by the blue buoy. We hadn’t unlocked the rescue dinghy so Al Sampson swam out

and rescued them. Al returned, an exhausted hero. Very well done, Al.

The full results and other news can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

DF95s race again on Thursday, July 6thfor those not still holidaying when the tide will be high just around race start time. Paul, Kim and I won’t be there and I have the starter and scoresheet.

Please let me know who will collect them.

Solings skip next week for the July 4thholiday and race next on Tuesday, July 11th when the tide will be midway and coming in.

Finally: We have had several inquiries about boats for sale, either Solings or DF95s. If you have one or know of one for sale please let me know and I’ll pass the information on. Thanks

Have a great weekend followed by a wonderful July Fourth,