DF95 Racing 8/31/23

It was decidedly cooler today but with lower humidity and a very strong breeze from the north. The tide was mid-way, going out and Paul described the waves as “potent”. Nevertheless, eight sailors brought their boats to race today and another eight decided that conditions were too difficult. 

Judy kept score once again for which we thank her. Connie and Shelley were there to cheer on Al and Bill N.

There was a lot of debate this morning about whether we should race. The wind was strong, but the waves were the main subject of the discussion. We decided to wait and, finally, Bill David and Nick put their boats in the water to see how things were. They were OK, Nick with an “A” rig and Bill with a “B”. The general thought was that you need a B rig for the wind but an A rig to power through the waves.

Eventually, Rob called for a show of hands of who wanted to race and those brave or reckless sailors put their boats in the water.

Rob didn’t race today but he set the course: The line was the orange and red marks, upwind to the blue, port rounding, downwind to the orange/red gate, back to blue, and finish downwind.

Despite the weather conditions and the challenge of the course, we managed to run nine races with very little incident. We welcomed guest sailor, Greg LaPlante who has raced with us in the past.

Nick won the first race and was second in the second race, but then, in the third race his transmitter had only intermittent contact with his receiver and that was the end of his racing today.

Henry DiPietro won the second race and proceeded to win five more to easily become today’s champion. The only other winners today were Greg and Al Sampson who also had two seconds and two thirds to finish second overall today. Kim also had two second places and two thirds, enough for a third place this morning. Greg finished fourth just one point behind Kim.

Paul, who had initially decided not to race, couldn’t resist joining the fray and raced from the second race onward. Bill David had fitted his B rig at the last minute and it really didn’t work out for him today. Bill Northup had a series of issues and only managed to complete three races today.

Well done everybody!

And Bon Voyage to today’s winner, Henry who’s off to Spain to sail around Majorca in a real boat.

 The full results can be found on the club website mhbmyc.org

Solings try again next Tuesday, September 5thwhen the tide will be coming in towards a high at just after 1.00 pm

Next Thursday, September 7th is the day of the DF95 Regatta. Please bring your lunch,  something to drink and a chair. The tide will be mid-way coming in to a high at around 3 o’clock. Prepare for fun.

Time to rid the boats of gremlins and have a relaxing weekend.

Happy Labor Day.