Annual Soling Regatta

Just a perfect day to be at the cove with water up to your knees. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing generally from the southeast, but it was an odd wind, a sort of catch-me-if you -can wind. Race Director, Rob Hill laid out a course south, port rounding, then north with the line open, another port rounding then back to the line. For a couple of races, Rob added a loop-de-loop around the westerly starting mark, then around the north mark, and back to the line.Manny manned the starter, Wilkie kept score and we were delighted to have Ed Haddad stop by to view proceedings. Many thanks to you all.Eight Solings contested the regatta and we had some great and close racing with 6 different winners of the twelve races held.  Paul won 5 races, was second 5 times, and thus became our Regatta Champion for 2021.  Well raced, Paul.Bill Northup won the final three races and had one second place and three thirds to become our Regatta runner-up.This year’s Series Champion, Bill David was third today with one win, two seconds, and two thirds.Kim was fourth, also with a race win and Jim Kelly was fifth.The other race winners today were Danny who was sixth and me who quickly made up for that error by finishing last in 4 races.  Ahead of me was Pat.  The full results story can be found on our website mhbmyc.orgWe all had a great time this morning and hope that the DF95 Regatta will be just as much fun.
The forecast for Thursday has improved somewhat but Rob will make the final weather call tomorrow.If we go ahead on Thursday, the high tide is at 10.25.  Don’t forget to bring lunch and a chairIf we delay until next Tuesday, the tide will be coming in at the start with a high at 1.54 pmStay safe and always be on the lookout for fun,