A recap of the Series Awards presented at last night’s banquet.

The racing calendar contained 18 possible racing days. However, the weather severely limited the actual racing activity.  The Solings raced 10 days. DF95 raced 11 days.  The Best 6 scores were used to tabulate the results for both classes. To qualify for a Series score, competitors needed a minimum of 6 racing days, and the Best 6 were used to calculate the results.

For the Soling fleet, there were a total of 11 Participants throughout the season. 6 achieved the minimum of 6 scores. First place went  to Bill David with a “Best 6” score of 6. Second went to Paul Mercer with a score of 9. Kim Hanna took third with a score of 15. Other qualifiers were Bill Raposa, Derek Melven and Pat Donovan in that order.

The DF95 fleet had a total of 19 Participants with 6 qualifying for a series score (3 additional racers had 5 scores). Paul Mercer took first place with a “Best 6” score of 10. One point behind Paul, Rob Hill and Rich Field were tied for second. The tie breaker went to Rob with 3 first place days while Rich, awarded 3rd, had only 2.  Other qualifiers were Bill David, Kim Hanna and Pat Donovan in that order. The competition in the 95 fleet was quite stiff with 5 different skippers winning race days, Rob and Don Ouimette 3 each, Paul and Rich Field 2, Henry DiPietro 1.

Congratulations to all. A challenging season but always fun.

Remember – Soling Regatta tomorrow. Skippers meeting 10:45.

DF95 Regatta Thursday, same time. Rain date Tuesday Sept 28.

Rob Hill

829 Division Rd
Westport, MA. 02790