DF95 Regatta #2

The steamy hot overcast start to the day gave way to sun and clouds with a pleasant breeze.  Thirteen members with 10 boats came down to the cove for some racing fun. Among them was new member, Rich Field who had a new boat. Welcome, Rich!  We welcomed back DF95 Fleet Captain, Jim Pascalides for his first time with us this season.  Bill David brought his new boat and discovered it was quite different from a Soling.Attending as a guest was Albert Meyer from East Greenwich who wanted to see what DF95 racing was all about.  By now you will have received some pictures that Albert took this morning. Thanks, Albert.  Manny, recovering from his cataract operation kept score and I decided not to race. Pat Donovan, whose new DF95 wasn’t quite ready kept us company.  The course headed south from the start line to take the black/white mark to starboard then north to the other black/white mark again taken to starboard and then east to the mark nearest to shore taken to starboard then back to the line. After the first couple of races like this, the remainder were run twice around.  As I said, Jim Pascalides is back and he won the first two races of the six run today and then the fourth race.  Rob Hill won races 3, 5, and 6 and, in any race he didn’t win, he came second. So they each had won three races, but Rob got the overall win as he had 3 second places to Jim P’s 2.  Jim Kelly was third today withPaul 4th and Dick M 5th. We had some close racing today and a thoroughly enjoyable timePaul Mercer has put the full results on our website, mhbmyc.org
The next race day for DF95s is next Thursday, August 6th at 11.00 amwhen we will be starting at close to high tide (10.52)
But, before that, we have Soling Race Day 4 next Tuesday, August 4th at 11.00 am when the tide will be going out from a high at 09.26.
Stay safe and well,Derek

Soling Regatta #3

The only apt description of the weather this morning is, “brutally hot”.  Nevertheless, 12  members made their hot and sticky way down to the cove and racing started with 7 boats in the water.  The 5 without Solings were Wilkie who no longer has a Soling but offered to keep score, Manny, Will, Jim Kelly, and Rob who had brought a fantastic looking boat to try out.  All joined in by yelling encouragement and advice and starting the races.  Wilkie did a great job keeping score.  Thanks to all. Bill Raposa had set the course with the brisk breeze blowing from a southerly direction. South from the start line to take the southern black and white mark to port, head north to the northern black and white mark, taken to starboard and then towards shore to take a white mark to starboard and then back to the finish line. The last two or three races were the same course but twice around.There were seven races in all with Bill David winning the first and then winning four moreThe two races Bill D didn’t win were won by Bill Raposa so Bill D won overall with Bill R second. In third place came Paul followed by Dick M, Kim. Pat and then me.  The only rescue was by Rob on my boat when my receiver escaped its Velcro restraint and dived into the water sloshing about in the bottom of my boat.  Thanks, Rob.Paul Mercer worked his magic with the AFleet software and produced the results within minutes after the end of racing.  The full results can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

The next race day for Solings will be Tuesday, August 4th at 11.00 amwhen the tide will be going out from a high at 09.26

The next race day for DF95s is nextThursday, July 30th at 11.00 amwhen the tide will be coming in with a low at 10.14
See you at one or both of these,Stay safe and stay well,Derek

Race Day 2

It was hot, very hot at the cove yesterday and this might have deterred some members from making the trip, but there were only five of us racing in the morning and six in the afternoon.There was only a light breeze for the morning, Soling session, but we did manage six races at a gentle drift pace.  Bill Raposa set the starting line prompted by Bill David and the course was ultra-simple: South from the East-West starting line around the white mark to port and back to the line.A slow process, but Bill David won 4 races to finish first overall, I won two races for second place and Bill Raposa was third.  Pat and Steve made up the field, and Sue and Bruce didn’t race but did a fine job keeping score.  Many thanks. Paul Mercer had arrived while we were racing and, by the time I got back to the shore with my boat, he had the results for the morning’s racing on his tablet equipped with the AFleet software.  You can find the full results on our website mhbmyc.orgWhat you won’t find are the results for the DF95 races because after an encouraging first race with quite a brisk breeze the wind died in the second race not to return so DF95 racing was canceled for the day.  Paul and Rob appeared to be in fine form winning one race each with Jim Kelly ready to pounce. Dick Mahoney, Ned, and Pat were also raring to go. ‘Twas not to be.We had a discussion on whether we should return to two days of racing instead of trying to hold races for both classes in one day.  If you have an opinion please let your respective (or both) Fleet Captain know.  Bill Raposa for Solings and Rob Hill (acting) for DF95s.
At present, our next race day is next Tuesday, July 28th at 11.00 am for Solings and 1.00 pm for DF95s.when the tide will be coming in with a low at 08.00 am and a high at 3.30 pmStay safe and well,Derek

MHBMYC Day 1 of the racing season is here at last

Yesterday was the first day of scored racing this season and also the first time we tried to race two classes of boats on the same day.  Weather forecasts of thundershowers were not enough to deter our members who enjoyed some pleasant weather for a few hours before lightning was sighted on the horizon at around 2.00 pm accompanied by the distant rumbling of thunder to our west. There were 9 Solings on the shore at 11.00 am, but Sue decided not to race and Pat had elusive electrical gremlins and could not race, so 7 boats were in the water for the first race. The wind from the north was quite brisk and Bill R and Paul had set out a simple course: north from the start line, port rounding of the white mark, then south to the other white mark, also taken to port and back to the line. Occasionally this course was run twice around. We had seven races in all, but by the final race the wind and waves had taken their toll and there were only 4 boats left in the race.  In the past, I would have said, “the full results are attached”, but now, thanks to Paul and ‘Afleet’ software we have the results posted to our website mhbmyc.org click on “Racing Details”, then click on “2020 Racing Results”  Bill David won two races and was second in three to win overall.  Bill Raposa was a close second also with two wins and four thirds.  Dick Mahoney finished third having won the first race. Paul, Bruce, Steve and I made up the rest of the field. A good time was had by all.  Thanks to Manny for keeping scoreAfter the lunch break, we were ready to race DF95s. Once again there were 9 members with boats, but Will and I didn’t race so there were seven boats competing.  Will did a great job keeping score. Many thanks, Will.There was only time for five races, unfortunately, before the threat of thunder curtailed the fun.  There was some close racing, but Paul triumphed with one win and three thirds.  In second place was Wilkie who won the opening race, had one second and one third and in third place overall was Rob with one win and two thirds.  Jim Kelly won two races but finished fourth today.  Kim. Dick M and Ned were the other racers.  Full results on the website mhbmyc.orgWe welcomed Rich Field back for another visit. Rich has ordered oneof the DF95s from Rob’s recent bulk purchase.  We also welcomed Jim Bradley who may just get into racing.Next race day, same format, is next Tuesday, July 21st when the high tide will be at 09.18 with low tide around 2.pm
Stay safe and well,


Today…and the Future

Another warm summer day and a brisk wind enticed 14 members to come down to the cove, most brought lunch and all were ready for a 1 pm start with a mixture of Solings and DF95s.Before we put our boats in the water Rob reminded members that he would make a bulk purchase of DF95 kits if sufficient members were interested.  Please let Rob know if you would like to participate.We also discussed when to start our Championship racing and everyone present voted for next week on Tuesday with Solings racing starting at 11.00 and DF95s racing from 1.00 pm.  So if you will be racing both classes or racing with one class but helping with the other please bring your lunch.Back to today, we had a number of races with close racing and keen rivalries in each one.  Some of us had boat problems, but nothing too serious, But most of all we had a lot of fun and camaraderie. We welcomed potential new member Richard Field at the cove….I think Richard will get in on the DF95 purchase. Another potential new member is John Zawilinski.  Both are residents of the Village.
I’ll issue a new schedule for the shortened season as soon as I can, but, in the meantime, next Tuesday, July 14th is the start of the racing season.  11.00 for Solings and 1.00 pm for DF95sThe low tide will be at around 08.40 with a high tide just before 4 pm.See you then,Stay safe, stay well.Derek

Rob’s DF95 Clinic

Feel free to forward this to members if you think useful.

How to tune the DF95 at the beach for “normal conditions.”

Turn on radio and boat, sheet in the sails all the way. Tighten the backstay.

-end of jib boom over the bevel where the deck meets the hull (this is farther out than the building instructions)

-end of main boom over the cockpit side wall

-snug the main down haul, but not so much as to create the rolling wrinkle down the sail right behind the mast. 

-hold the boat sideways or fill the sails with wind. Adjust the Vang to create a gentle curve along the back edge of the main. If you hold the boom on the center line of the boat, at its deepest point, the curve will be a generous 2 fingers width from the back stay if the end of the boom is on the boat centerline. Holding the main boom on the centerline allows you to use the backstay as a measuring device. Do not trim the main boom to the boat’s centerline. The end of the main boom when sails are in tight should be over the cockpit side wall.

-snug or loosen the jib topping lift to create a similar curve along the jib’s back edge in relation to the topping lift. The jib’s curve should be a little more generous than the main.

-if a light air day, slightly more generous curves. If robust breeze, slightly less curve.


Today (7/2/20) and next Tuesday

A pleasant sunny morning, but only with a modicum of wind.  Around a dozen members came down to the cove dodging the sewer works on Schooner Drive and brought a mixture of Solings and DF95s. To start the morning off, Rob held a DF95 set-up clinic that we all found very instructive and helpful.  Many thanks, Rob.We held a number of fun races for DF95s and Solings together. Another good, enjoyable time together…….socially distanced, of course.
It was suggested that next Tuesday we race at 1pm when the wind is likely to be stronger.  So let’s try this as an experiment.  In addition please let’s have a communal lunch starting at noon so please bring a sandwich or salad and a beverage. (A chair would be useful too.)This would also allow us time to discuss the start of scored competition.
See you next Tuesday, July 7th at noon for lunch and 1 pm for racing.  High tide then will be at 10.34 with a low tide at 3.28 pm so we’ll be in the middle.In the meantime have a wonderful 4th July and stay safe and well,Derek