MHBMYC Day 1 of the racing season is here at last

Yesterday was the first day of scored racing this season and also the first time we tried to race two classes of boats on the same day.  Weather forecasts of thundershowers were not enough to deter our members who enjoyed some pleasant weather for a few hours before lightning was sighted on the horizon at around 2.00 pm accompanied by the distant rumbling of thunder to our west. There were 9 Solings on the shore at 11.00 am, but Sue decided not to race and Pat had elusive electrical gremlins and could not race, so 7 boats were in the water for the first race. The wind from the north was quite brisk and Bill R and Paul had set out a simple course: north from the start line, port rounding of the white mark, then south to the other white mark, also taken to port and back to the line. Occasionally this course was run twice around. We had seven races in all, but by the final race the wind and waves had taken their toll and there were only 4 boats left in the race.  In the past, I would have said, “the full results are attached”, but now, thanks to Paul and ‘Afleet’ software we have the results posted to our website click on “Racing Details”, then click on “2020 Racing Results”  Bill David won two races and was second in three to win overall.  Bill Raposa was a close second also with two wins and four thirds.  Dick Mahoney finished third having won the first race. Paul, Bruce, Steve and I made up the rest of the field. A good time was had by all.  Thanks to Manny for keeping scoreAfter the lunch break, we were ready to race DF95s. Once again there were 9 members with boats, but Will and I didn’t race so there were seven boats competing.  Will did a great job keeping score. Many thanks, Will.There was only time for five races, unfortunately, before the threat of thunder curtailed the fun.  There was some close racing, but Paul triumphed with one win and three thirds.  In second place was Wilkie who won the opening race, had one second and one third and in third place overall was Rob with one win and two thirds.  Jim Kelly won two races but finished fourth today.  Kim. Dick M and Ned were the other racers.  Full results on the website mhbmyc.orgWe welcomed Rich Field back for another visit. Rich has ordered oneof the DF95s from Rob’s recent bulk purchase.  We also welcomed Jim Bradley who may just get into racing.Next race day, same format, is next Tuesday, July 21st when the high tide will be at 09.18 with low tide around
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