Rob’s DF95 Clinic

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How to tune the DF95 at the beach for “normal conditions.”

Turn on radio and boat, sheet in the sails all the way. Tighten the backstay.

-end of jib boom over the bevel where the deck meets the hull (this is farther out than the building instructions)

-end of main boom over the cockpit side wall

-snug the main down haul, but not so much as to create the rolling wrinkle down the sail right behind the mast. 

-hold the boat sideways or fill the sails with wind. Adjust the Vang to create a gentle curve along the back edge of the main. If you hold the boom on the center line of the boat, at its deepest point, the curve will be a generous 2 fingers width from the back stay if the end of the boom is on the boat centerline. Holding the main boom on the centerline allows you to use the backstay as a measuring device. Do not trim the main boom to the boat’s centerline. The end of the main boom when sails are in tight should be over the cockpit side wall.

-snug or loosen the jib topping lift to create a similar curve along the jib’s back edge in relation to the topping lift. The jib’s curve should be a little more generous than the main.

-if a light air day, slightly more generous curves. If robust breeze, slightly less curve.


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