DF95 Series #7

Can you believe that we’re already halfway through the year?  To celebrate (or commiserate) we were treated to a beautiful morning, sunshine, cooling breeze, just the day to be at the cove standing in the water. Ten members thought so too and brought their boats to engage in friendly competition. Bill and Shelley Northup were there, but without boats so Bill called the numbers and Shelley assisted Judy David who kept score. Connie Sampson was also there.  Many thanks to you all.

Paul set the course with the line sort of parallel with the beach as there was a NW wind. A counter-clockwise configuration which headed north to the red/blue mark taken to port then down to the southern, orange mark taken to port, then port round the southern red/blue mark and back to the line approached from the beach side.  We had ten races.

Curtis Rencurrel ran into problems and didn’t race today so nine boats set out this morning. Paul won the first race and one more. He also had two seconds and two thirds allowing him to finish third overall today.  Bill David won the second race and another five, making him the clear winner today by a large margin. Nick Bailey won the third race and finished second four times and third twice and that was enough to clinch second by just one point.

The only other race winner today was Kim and he also had one second and two thirds to finish in fourth place this morning. Al Sampson was fifth closely followed by Wilkie in sixth 

.Al Meyer, Pat, and I splashed around and had fun.The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

If you’re not traveling or need a break from the family for an hour or two come down to the cove for more racing next Tuesday, July 5th when the Solings race again. The tide will be coming in towards a high at 1.21 pm

Then, next Thursday, July 7th it will be the turn of the DF95s.  The tide will be coming in towards a high at 2.56 pm

Have a wonderful July 4th,