Soling 1M Series #8

A rather dull start to the day, but a favorable wind saw seven members bring their boats down to the cove this morning. Once again Judy David kept score and started the races. Many thanks, Judy.

Bill Raposa set the course with some input from Bill David. South from the start line taking the striped red and the orange marks to starboard, then downwind to the northern red striped mark round to starboard, and back to the line. 

We had a total of six races and Bill David won them all except one when he finished second. In that race, the winner was Jim Kelly. Jim also finished second in two races and third in another to clinch second place overall. Paul Mercer had his new Vac-U-Boat today and finished third despite sitting out the second race with technical problems. Fresh back from his cruise, Danny McHugh finished fourth, just two points behind Paul. 

Bill R, Pat, and I were the other racers this morning.  Lots of fun, once again.

The full results are on our website as always.

We’ll try again with DF95s next Thursday, July 7th when the tide will be coming in towards a high at just before three pm.

The next opportunity for the Solings will be next Tuesday, July 12th when the tide will be going out to a low at 12.23.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Fourth and I look forward to seeing a large group on Thursday.

Take care, smile, and have fun,