Soling 1M Series #7

A sunny, blue-sky morning with a light breeze brought 6 members to the cove with their boats. I say a light breeze, but early on the breeze was virtually non-existent and this caused a delay in the start.  We eventually got going only to find that the starter wasn’t working so improvisation was needed and it came in the form of Judy David counting down the starts using Jim Kelly’s watch. Robert Chappelle joined us to keep score.  Many thanks, Judy and Robert.

 We held 6 races around the usual clockwise course.  Bill David finished on top with 3 wins and 3 seconds.  Paul was second overall with 2 wins, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds.  The only other winner today was Jim Kelly who also had 1 second and 4 thirds.

The full results and all the other news are on our website

Nobody failed to start or finish a race and the starts were all clean: no barging or bumping, just air and water!  Well done everyone.

The Solings sail again next Tuesday, July 5th when the tide will be coming in, heading to a high at 1.21 pm.

Before that, though on Thursday, June 30th the DF95 fleet takes to the water when the tide will be going out from a high at 09.52

Good clean fun today despite the difficulty of that first mark……Oh no. Missed it again…..

And when Kim operated the starter after the racing….it worked.

Another good day at the cove. if you missed it, come along next time, and don’t forget to send or give the membership fees to Kim if you haven’t already done so.

Stay safe, happy, and have fun,