Soling Regatta #7

The first thing to let you know is that member, David Cochran is planning to move from the area and has, most generously, given his Soling to our club.  So sail number 94 now appears on the scoresheet as “Club Boat” and is available for prospective members to sail or for members whose boat is out of commission for a while to use. Thank you very much, David.
Now to today’s racing. It was very hot once again and humid with a light wind, but thirteen members came down to the cove, nine of them with boats.  The members without boats were Wilkie who scored, Manny with the starter, Will, and me.  Soling Fleet Captain, Bill Raposa, set the course;  Off the East-West start line to the south mark, taken to starboard, then to the north mark with the line closed and finally back to the line. After the first three races, Bill adjusted the start line a little and changed the course: south mark taken to port, then north mark taken to starboard, back to the south mark and a downwind finish to the line.  The final four races were run on this course.We welcomed one of Kim’s neighbors, John, as a spectator along with his two granddaughters.Jim Kelly kindly gave up the first two races to let the little girls try their hands at sailing his boat.  Well done, Jim. But no extra points, I’m afraid.Bill David’s wife, Judy, was another guest today.  More than a guest, a lucky charm, as Bill won the first three races, was second in the third and then won the next two. I heard a rumor that he even had a hand in Pat’s victory in the final race.  He easily won first overall today.Paul was the only other race winner today, but he had five second places and one third to finish second overall today. With three third place finishes and three fourth places, Kim was third today followed by Pat in fourth and Bruce in fifth.Sue had some boat problems and only managed one race as did Bill Raposa whose main sheet snapped.  Jim Kelly and Steve finished sixth and seventh, but Jim scored big on Neighborliness Points., 
Lots of fun again todayAnd the fun continues on Thursday, August 27th with DF95 race day 6 when the tide will be coming in from a low at 08.55
Next occasion for Solings is race day 8 on Tuesday, September 1st when the tide will be going out from a high at 08.21
Stay safe and wellDerek