Soling Regatta #8

For once there were no shouts of “Double Zero” or “Sixteen” as either Bill David or Paul Mercer cross the line highly placed.  These two fine gentlemen decided not to race today, but to come along to help and coach others. The weather was a mix of sun and clouds with a light wind vaguely from the south.  The wind was best described by Dick Mahoney as “crazy” as it came and went and redirected itself on a whim. Soling Fleet captain, Bill Raposa set a straightforward course: from the east-west line to the southerly black/white mark then north to the northerly black/white mark and back to the line.  Both marks were taken to starboard.  There were seven boats for seven races and four different winners.  Kim won two and had four second place finishes to propel him to overall victory today.  Well done, Kim.  Jim Kelly had one win today but also finished second three times and third once which was just enough to give him second overall today by just one point over Bill Raposa.  Bill had two wins and three third places. Bruce, who made a habit of just missing the finishing line from high scoring positions, finished fourth today but he did have two wins and one third.  Sue, who finished third in the first race to widespread applause, finished in fifth place overall.Sue’s husband, Steve, broke a shroud wire and missed races 2 and 3 while he made a temporary repair which lasted until the final race of the day.  Dick Mahoney was less fortunate in that his rudder stopped working at the start of racing today and despite several tries, he didn’t complete a race.We had a visitor today, Scott who had met Paul at a race in Needham and got hooked on DF95s to such an extent that he bought one and may even bring it on Thursday.Members who were at the cove without boats were Wilkie, who did a great job keeping score, Will, Pat, Ned, and me. Paul has already posted the full results for today’s racing on our website mhbmyc.orgLots of close racing and fun today and thanks to Paul and Bill D for the coaching and to Wilkie for scorekeeping. 

The next club racing day is next Thursday, Sept. 3rd for the DF95 fleet when the tide will be going out from a high at 09.41.

Race Day 9 for Solings is next Tuesday, September 8th.  This is the final day of our regular season when the tide will be quite high and coming in with a high at 12.48.
The following week we have end of season Regattas planned.  Please give some thought as to what we might do.  Regrettably, we won’t be holding our usual Awards Banquet this year.  Should we do something else?  If so, what?
Stay safe and well,Derek