DF95 Regatta #5

Yet another beautiful day for model boat racing. 14 members made their way down to the cove this morning and at the start of racing there were 14 boats in the water including Kim’s new red hull. and including two guests, Henry DiPietro and Nick Bailey, both of the Newport DF95 group.  The two members not racing were Manny who had the very difficult task of scoring so many boats and Shelley who assisted Manny.  Thank you both very much.There was a very light wind vaguely from the northwest so DF95 Fleet Captain, Jim Pascalides set the course with the start/finish line running north-south, parallel with the beach.  From the line, the short course was north to the black and white mark taken to starboard and back to the line.The first four races were on this course and they were slow, so much so that the wind died completely at one point and it looked like we would have to abandon racing, but then the wind shifted and was now a good breeze coming vaguely from the south, so the line was changed to the more usual east-west line and the boats headed south to take the windward mark to starboard then sail north to take the blue and white mark to starboard and back to the line.  Three races were run on this course making seven races in all.  Jim Pascalides won four of them to become today clear winner. The only other race winners today were Bill David with two and relatively new member, Rich Field. .Rob Hill was second in one race and third in four and such consistency was enough to secure second place overall. In addition to his win, Rich was second once and third twice to establish himself in third place today.  Congratulations, RichOther second place finishers today included Kim who sailed his new red boat to second in the first race, but later had some sail control problems and had to retire eventually; Paul, whose two second place finishes propelled him into fourth place overall; Henry with one second place and a third led to a fifth place overall; and Pat who was later out for two races (cause unknown).Retirees today were Will, Dick, Kim, and me.  It was a most unusual race day, but still very enjoyable.
As usual Paul Mercer has put the full results on our website mhbmyc.org

The next Race Day will be for Solings on Tuesday, August 25th at 11.00when the tide will be coming in from a low at 06.30.  High tide will be at 2.12 pm.
The next time for the DF95s to go racing will be Thursday, August 27that 11.00 when the tide will be coming in from a low at 08.55.Lots of fun as usual today.Please stay safe and well,Derek