DF95 #4. June 20, 2024

It was hot. It was humid. It was breezy. It was a day to get some cooling water in contact with feet.

Nine members agreed and brought boats to the cove. In addition, Connie was there to support Al. Judy supported Bill, started the races, and kept score—a big thank you. Paul’s wife, Laura was also there to cheer Paul on, but mainly to supervise two grandchildren, who seemed to be having a great time.

With the wind from the SSW, the course was set: From the east-west starting line, formed by the red mark and the drone buoy, head south and round the green mark to port, head north to take the blue mark to port and back to the line, twice around.

The tide was going out towards a low at around 12.30 which necessitated a move of the drone buoy, executed faultlessly by Paul after the second race.

With an important appointment to see the England vs. Denmark game in the Euro 24 soccer tournament, I left after the third race but Nick was in fine form having won those first three races. 

In the first race, Rob and Henry got tangled together and Rob had to get some rowing exercise to rescue them. Nick won that race with Paul and Bill second and third. The second race finished in the same order and Rob recovered from the first race setback to finish fourth. Al had finished fourth in the first race. Bill was second to Nick in the third race, with John third and Rob again fourth.

I wasn’t there for the fourth race but I have the scoresheet and see that Nick won again. This was his fourth and last win in the eight races run today. The other race winners were Bill, Rob, John, and Henry.  Overall the top four were Nick, Rob, Bill, and Paul.

Kim and David had some issues today but look for them to come back stronger next week. 

Well done, everyone. Lots of fun this morning.

The full results can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

DF95s race again next Thursday, June 27th when the tide will be coming in with the high at 1.18 pm

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend,