DF95 Racing – June 24, 2024

A gentle breeze, a sunny sky, and boats in the water. A recipe for competitive fun.

The beach was shrinking with the tide approaching a high at 12.47.

Paul, Rob, and Bill David couldn’t make it today so it was a chance to rack up some points over them. Henry DiPietro did arrive at the cove but decided the wind wouldn’t be favorable this morning so he left but the wind had increased enough to start racing at 11.00. We welcomed a new member, John Reilly to the club with his boat, sail number 56…..Remember that number!    Four other members brought boats to the cove this morning and enjoyed nine races on smooth water. Shelly and I were also there to deal with the starting and scoring. Only three boats finished the first race with Wilkie having some problems before the start and Bill Northup having issues during the race. John, sail number 56, won the first race and another six and was today’s champion. How’s that for a great introduction to the club? The only other winner this morning was Kim who won two and finished second overall. Al Sampson was third with Wilkie and Bill N following on as a result of their early troubles. 

A very enjoyable morning in the sun. Well done, everyone. Let’s hope we get back to a more normal competitive field on Thursday.

The full results can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

DF95s race again in just two days, on Thursday, June 13th when the tide will be midway with the high at around 2.25 pm and the weather forecast is just about perfect.

See you then,