DF95 Kick-off and Other News

The DF95 fleet will take to the water for the first time this season on Thursday at 11 am. The weather should be on our side with winds from the SSW at 9 mph and a temperature around 70 degrees. The tide will be going out to a low at 1.39 pm. Let’s have a great turnout.

In other news, the club has purchased a Drone Buoy for the starting line. Paul has been putting it through its paces and there have been some teething problems. We hope to see it in the cove soon.

On Thursday I hope we have sufficient members present to discuss some immediate issues and to set a date, place, and time for a club meeting.

As you might have seen, Bill David offered his Soling for sale and I’m pleased to announce that it was bought by Bill Northup and so will stay in the club.

See you Thursday,