Solings Today 8/22/23

Mid-seventies temperature with low humidity and a strong breeze brought five members with their boats to the cove this morning. Bill Raposa had another appointment so, unusually, couldn’t be there. Kim, Pat, Jim K, and I were joined by Sam Morgan for his first Soling outing this season.

The strong wind was from the north so we set off from the red and pin start to the blue then downwind to the orange, back to the blue, and back to the line. All marks were taken to port.

The first race ended with Sam, Kim, Jim, and me in that order with  Pat’s boat drifting out of control. It eventually came to shore but didn’t race again. 

The second race was another win for Sam with Jim second and Kim third. My boat had intermittent control problems and like Pat’s didn’t race again. Before we could start the next race, Jim also lost control and Pat had to rescue the boat from the rocks so now we just had two boats left.

We then enjoyed four match races between Kim and Sam, with Sam the victor in three and Kim winning the final race of the day. No scores today, but still lots of fun, and Sam was certainly today’s Champion.

The next series of races is for DF95s on Thursday, August 24th when the tide will be coming in towards a high at 2.22 pm

Any advance on five for the next Soling race day? That will be next Tuesday, August 29th when the tide will be going out to a low at 12.22 pm.

Time to get all our electrical contacts actually making contact!

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The weather is looking good for Thursday so see you there.