DF95 Series #11

It was hot and humid with the promise of a brisk wind this morning, just the day to be at the cove. Eight members agreed and brought their boats to battle the wind and each other. We have to thank Judy, once again, for dealing with the starting and scoring and Connie for her support.

Paul set the course with all marks taken to port: Upwind to the southern orange-striped mark, downwind to the blue mark, back to the orange-striped mark, and downwind to the finish line.

For the sixth and final race, the course was lengthened slightly to go to the blue mark with an upwind finish.

In the first race, Charlotte’s boat came down with a case of chronic battery disease, quite common in these parts as Rich also had to change batteries. After the first race, Paul changed rigs and it worked, at least for one race.

In race two, Rich’s boat was struck by a rare case of “Rudder Shudder” which seemed cured in race three but returned terminally in race four. Suspects are receiver connections or the receiver itself.

Major drama ensued in race five when Bill’s mainsail sheet broke and he had to take a long and wet walk to retrieve it. As if that weren’t enough, and you can’t make this up, Henry’s boat’s rudder went through the jib of Charlotte’s boat shredding the sail. Ouch!  It was very squally and choppy out there today.

Only three boats finished race five and only four raced in the final race.

There were four different winners today, Bill won three, and Paul, David, and Al Sampson won one each.

 Although he won three races, he retired from the last two so Bill David could only manage third place. First place went to Paul and David who each had 12 points and were tied on places all the way through, but Paul gets the nod on last race places. Al Sampson and Henry DeWolf also had the same number of points, 18 but Al had a race win to give him fourth overall today.

The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

More racing next Tuesday, August 1st when it is the turn of the Solings. The tide will be going out with the low around 1.30 pm.

DF95s race again next Thursday, August 3rd when high tide is at 10.00.

THE ANNUAL CLUB MEETING will be held on one of the next three Thursdays at 1.30. We are planning a lunch and I hope it will be held at the Boat House Restaurant but they haven’t got back to me yet.  I will let you know when it is arranged. 

Have a great weekend,