DF95 Series #11

It was hot and humid with the promise of a brisk wind this morning, just the day to be at the cove. Eight members agreed and brought their boats to battle the wind and each other. We have to thank Judy, once again, for dealing with the starting and scoring and Connie for her support.

Paul set the course with all marks taken to port: Upwind to the southern orange-striped mark, downwind to the blue mark, back to the orange-striped mark, and downwind to the finish line.

For the sixth and final race, the course was lengthened slightly to go to the blue mark with an upwind finish.

In the first race, Charlotte’s boat came down with a case of chronic battery disease, quite common in these parts as Rich also had to change batteries. After the first race, Paul changed rigs and it worked, at least for one race.

In race two, Rich’s boat was struck by a rare case of “Rudder Shudder” which seemed cured in race three but returned terminally in race four. Suspects are receiver connections or the receiver itself.

Major drama ensued in race five when Bill’s mainsail sheet broke and he had to take a long and wet walk to retrieve it. As if that weren’t enough, and you can’t make this up, Henry’s boat’s rudder went through the jib of Charlotte’s boat shredding the sail. Ouch!  It was very squally and choppy out there today.

Only three boats finished race five and only four raced in the final race.

There were four different winners today, Bill won three, and Paul, David, and Al Sampson won one each.

 Although he won three races, he retired from the last two so Bill David could only manage third place. First place went to Paul and David who each had 12 points and were tied on places all the way through, but Paul gets the nod on last race places. Al Sampson and Henry DeWolf also had the same number of points, 18 but Al had a race win to give him fourth overall today.

The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

More racing next Tuesday, August 1st when it is the turn of the Solings. The tide will be going out with the low around 1.30 pm.

DF95s race again next Thursday, August 3rd when high tide is at 10.00.

THE ANNUAL CLUB MEETING will be held on one of the next three Thursdays at 1.30. We are planning a lunch and I hope it will be held at the Boat House Restaurant but they haven’t got back to me yet.  I will let you know when it is arranged. 

Have a great weekend,


DF95 Series #10. July 20, 2023

A sunny morning with less humidity and a nice breeze from the northeast tempted nine members to bring boats to the cove this morning. We welcomed a new member, Henry DeWolf, sail number 806. Pat Donovan came to see the racing but didn’t bring a boat. Judy scored the races with some assistance from her granddaughter, Maggie. Thank you very much, Judy. 

Charlotte had fixed her mast crane and was ready to race, Her sister, Cathy came to cheer her on. Marilyn Marvel and Connie Sampson were also at the cove to lend support to Wilkie and Al. 

Bill Raposa put in an appearance and must have been tempted to get a DF95 in the water after seeing the close racing today.

Paul set the course with a straightforward layout. From the east-west start line head north to take the blue mark to port, then a long stretch to the orange-striped mark also taken to port and then back to the line. Nine races were held with the final race being twice around. 

Our newest member, Henry, won the first race but drama ensued when Wilkie lost control of his boat and pulled the dinghy into the water. While getting into the dinghy he had a fall (a very gentle one, Marilyn). As all this was going on, Henry had maneuvered his boat to get Wilkie’s back to shore. Charlotte then waded out at least waist-deep to retrieve Wilkie’s boat. Wilkie suspected an unconnected battery. It took the next two races to fix. Henry’s expertise was impressive but Charlotte gets the title of “Heroine of the Day”.  After doing so well, Rich had to retire from racing in race six as his rudder servo stopped functioning.

Great racing conditions today led to some very close racing as evidenced by the fact that we had six different winners: Henry (2), Rich (2), Bill David (2), and one each for Al, David, and Kim.

At the end of a very enjoyable morning, David came out as the winner, with Henry second and Al third. Al tied with Paul on points, but Al gets the place by reason of his race win.

The full results are, as always, on our website mhbmyc.org

The next outing for the DF95s is in a week’s time, Thursday, July 27th when the tide will be coming in to a high at 3.26

There won’t be Soling racing next Tuesday unless you contact Bill Raposa. Kim and I will not be able to race that day.

Don’t forget to let me know if there is any Thursday in August that you can’t make a Club Lunch Meeting. By tomorrow, please.

Have a great weekend,


Soling Series #10. July 18, 2023 and IMPORTANT INFORMATION

A cloudy, humid morning with a highish tide going out and a reasonable wind from the south lured only 3 members with their boats. The boats didn’t get into the water. Put it down to abject disappointment!

Kim and I are attending another function next Tuesdayso that will only leave Bill Raposa of today’s three. Racing next Tuesday will be abandoned unless sufficient members contact Bill.

The next race day is for DF95s next Thursday, July 20thwhen the tide will be high at 10.44.

I’d like to hold a club meeting at The Boat House after racing, say 1.30, on any Thursday in August. Please let me know of any Thursday you cannot make and I’ll try to pick a date the majority can make.  The club will finance part of the cost of lunch.

Please let me know by the end of this week. I’ll assume you can make all dates if I don’t hear from you.

If you haven’t yet renewed your membership please send your $25 check to Kim Hanna made out to MHBMYC. Kim’s address is 33 Watermark Drive, Tiverton, RI 02878

See many of you on Thursday,


DF95 Racing 7/13/23

It was a hot and humid morning at the cove with a southerly wind, nice but with challenging flat spots.

Eight members brought their boats (with a wide variety of painted hulls) and had a morning of clean, close, and friendly racing. Connie Sampson was our scorer today and had to cope with nine races. Well done and thank you, Connie.

Ross Hudson, a friend of the Sampsons, also came down to the cove to spectate and lend some support to Al.

A fairly short course was used for the first two races but by the third race we had settled on south to the orange striped mark, taken to port, downwind to the blue mark, taken to port then back to the orange striped mark taken to port and back to the line.

The racing was close and without drama…..well almost. In race eight, Bill David’s boat and Henry DiPietro’s boat tangled in a way that most of us hadn’t seen before, at the top of the mast.  Henry claimed “Redress” and Bill was deemed at fault (by Bill) so Bill scored a DNF and Henry scored his average place from the other races.

Nick Bailey was today’s winner with 3 wins, 4 seconds, and 1 third.

Henry got second place with 2 wins, 1 second, and 2 thirds. 

Paul was third overall with 1 win, 2 seconds, and 1 third.

The only other race winners today were Bill David with 2 wins and David Vigeant.

Kim and Al Sampson had top three finishes with Kim having 1 second and 2 thirds and Al having 1 third place.

Well done all competitors for an enjoyable morning’s racing.

The full results can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

A week from today, on Thursday, July 20th the DF95 fleet will do battle again. The tide will be high at 10.44. 

Before that, on Tuesday, July 18th, we’ll try to muster the Soling fleet. The tide will be high at 0926 and then on its way out.

On the subject of Solings, if you have one you no longer want, please offer it for sale. Our website is available for private sales.

For those of you that want a Soling, Al Meyer has one in well-worn condition at the most attractive price of $ ZERO. Contact Al if you are interested.

Take care, stay safe and happy, and have a wonderful weekend.


Soling Racing In The Sun. 7/11/23

To say that I was very disappointed in the turnout this morning is the understatement of the year.  Only Bill Raposa, Kim, and I were there. We sailed for a bit but my backstay broke so it was a morning of very close match racing between Kim and Bill. We had a good time but wished it could have been shared by more.

Come on SOLING SAILORS: your Club needs You!

DF95 boats will race next Thursday, July 13th. The tide will be low at 10.24 and we welcome highly decorated boats!


DF95 Racing Abandoned

When I took the starter and scoresheet down to the cove this morning, only Henry DiPietro and Charlotte were there. Charlotte discovered she had a broken mast crane so that left one. Albert Meyer and Henry DeWolfe from Bristol brought boats but, by that time we had given up all hope of racing. later Jim Kelly was spotted in the vicinity The lesson is that many of our members are with family members. Next year we won’t schedule events during this week.

have a great weekend,