Soling Racing, Sunny Skies, Light Wind

Let me start with an apology: On Thursday I omitted to mention that Judy David and Connie Sampson looked after the starting and scoring. Thank you both very much.

Judy was here again today and looked after the starting and scoring once again. Many thanks, Judy.

Another chilly start to the day but it was sunny and there was a light breeze. Six members ventured down to the cove. The tide was high and coming in, peaking at around ten minutes before noon. The breeze came and went but that didn’t stop Bill David who won six of the seven races and came second in the one he lost to Paul.

Paul finished second twice as did Kim and Danny.  Overall, Bill D was the winner with Paul second, Danny, third, and Kim fourth. Of the other participants, Bill Raposa had a problem in the first race and was out from the second race onward. I had the distinction of finishing last in every race until my boat was overwhelmed by water while waiting for the fifth race to start.

Congratulations to Bill David for an outstanding performance in difficult wind conditions.

Well done all. Lots of fun….and frustration.

It was good to see Jim Kelly at the cove, boatless on this occasion but good soccer and boating chat.

The full results may be found on our website,

As I have a visit from my middle son and his family from England, I won’t be around for the next Soling event which will be in a week’s time, Tuesday, May 30th when the tide will be coming in from a low at 10.22

DF95s race again next Thursday with the promise of 12mph winds and a rising tide with a high at 1.19 pm.

Smooth sailing and happy times,