Start of the racing season

A sunny morning and a strengthening breeze enticed 6 members to the cove for the start of the Soling season. A small group met early to get the marks in the water. Kim had secured the bricks and buckets to the remaining marks, Bill R added the weights and Paul did the rowing. What a team. Thank you all.

The course is familiar, but the colors have changed from last year. The start/finish line has a red/blue mark and a pin. Looking south there are two marks, a red/green mark and a green mark closer to shore. At the north end of the course there is a blue mark and the central mark, not used today, is brown (or, maybe dirty orange).

The course today was all the marks, except brown, taken anti-clockwise to port.  We ran seven races with the final race being twice around. 

Disaster struck before the start as Bill Raposa had a problem resulting, he believes, from an over-oiled switch. I had a problem in the water as the failsafe started working, but Paul managed to nudge my boat back to shore. Thanks, Paul. There are two large cracks in the hull!

So there were only 4 boats racing today, but there were only two winners: Paul won 5 and Bill David won two. Paul was today’s champion with Bill as runner-up The other racers were Danny McHugh and Kim Hanna. There was some close racing today and we all had fun. We have to thank Judy David for keeping score once again. Thank you, Judy. It was also good to see Bill and Shelley Northup who took a break from their big boat to come down to the cove.

The full results may be found on our website

Thursday brings the start of the DF95 racing season. The tide will be going out with a low at 12.47.

Solings race again on Tuesday, May 23 when high tide will be at 11.42

Have fun,