Annual DF95 Regatta

A rather cloudy start to the morning with the sun breaking through and an adequate breeze from the southwest provided good conditions for our postponed regatta. The temperature was in the low seventies and the tide had been at a high at 09.38 and was going out so there was restricted beach space at the start. Ten members brought their boats to the cove and others including me were there to help or spectate, Judy David did a wonderful job keeping score. Many thanks, Judy.

We missed some “regulars” who had other commitments, Al Sampson, David Vigeant, and Rich Field come to mind. Connie Sampson and Shelly Northup came to help as did Jim Pascalides and Jim Kelly, Thank you all.

We held eight races in all today as the course was quite long, four before lunch and four after. Rob set the course with all marks taken to starboard. From the line south to a new orange and white mark, then west around the red and green striped mark, downwind to the green and white mark, then do it all again and back to the line.

.After lunch the tide had moved out and the course was changed. South to the repositioned orange and white mark, out to the blue, onto the green and white and, you guessed it, do it all again. By this time the breeze had kicked into a higher gear which led to more fun.

Paul won the first two races and went on to win two more. Rob won three races. The only other winner today was Nick Bailey but Henry appeared in the top three 4 times, Kim twice, and Bill David once. Bill had the only big event of the day when he had a problem and Rob rowed out some distance to get Bill’s boat. Pat also had a control problem and didn’t race the last three races.

It was good to see sail number 92 on the water again. This is the boat that Will had donated to the club. It was refurbished by Rob and purchased by Wilkie. Bill Northup and Albert joined in the fun on this good and enjoyable occasion.

Paul was the regatta winner, by just one point over Rob and Henry was third. These three gentlemen received their prizes while we were having after-race beers and soft drinks.

A good day!

The full results, as always, are on our website

So that ends the competitive season, but sailing will continue on Tuesdays with Thursday being a weather day. Bring any boat and have fun!

Stay safe and have fun,