Soling 1M Series #10

Yet another sunny, humid day at the cove with a brisk wind from the west saw 5 members bring their boats to the shore. Fleet Captain, Bill Raposa set the course: From the north/south line, head south to take the red striped and the orange mark to starboard, then north to the red striped mark also to starboard then back to the line. Thanks, once again, to Judy David for keeping score. I was there but didn’t race.

We had six races today, the first and last two being won by Bill David who was also first overall today. The only other winner was Kim who won the two middle races and had three second place finishes to end the morning in second place. Pat’s boat looked strong today and he was third overall with two second place finishes and one third,

Bill Raposa and Jim Kelly also raced but ran into occasional problems.

The full results are on our website

On Thursday, July 21st it’s the turn of the DF95s when the tide will be coming in to a high at  around 3.30 pm

The Solings race again next Tuesday, July 26th when the tide will be low, turning at 12.10

Stay happy. Stay cool,