Lunch Meeting Notes

May 4 – Good meeting and lunch. 13 in attendance. 

High points:

Elected officers for the coming year. Same slate as current. All agreed to eliminate Derek’s term limits (Ha Ha).

Club is in good financial condition. Sale of boats has fattened our cash balance. 

Annual dues to remain $25. Proposal was made and voted to eliminate the club’s initiation fee.

Weather report and weather cancellations will be posted on the website front page. No need for emails. Posting by Paul will be made by 9am.

Minor adjustment to the proposed calendar. The first week will be scratched. An additional week will be added at the end of the season and the season end regatta will be rescheduled accordingly. Racing starts Tuesday May 17 with Solings. DF95s start Thursday May 19. Both at 11:00am

Beach clean up and buoys will be set on Tuesday  5/10 at 10am. Bill Raposa leading the effort. He and I will review the bottom step situation and remedy if possible. Kim will acquire new buckets for the buoys. John Perkins will donate spare line that he has.

Not much interest in embarking on a formal effort to search for a new or second venue.   Suggestion was made that we investigate the town beach improvements currently underway. Some interest in considering the previous alternate location as a back up (Old Orchard Cove, directly across Rt 24 from Montaup Golf Course). We will discuss further when you return. (I visited the site on the way home and believe this could work. Good site for when we have strong North wind.)

General agreement to operate without a formal score keeper. First over grabs the clipboard, second over calls the sail numbers. I will donate a chair to be stored in the box in the event an available score keeper shows up. Jim Fuller showed some interest in doing this.

Discussed the possibility of introducing the club to the local Tiverton paper with hopes of an article. Kim will follow up on this. Also general agreement that it is a good idea to have at least one loaner boat available – a Soling.

General discussion about the decline in Soling attendance. No formal action taken. Discussed the possibility of reminder emails from the fleet captain (Raposa). Reminder from Henry DiPietro that we can participate with the Newport DF95 group. No interest in arranging away dates with other clubs such as we used to do with Martha’s Vineyard.

General discussion that we need to do more to introduce and coach new members so that they develop higher confidence sooner. All agreed. Assigned mentors was suggested and agreed as a good idea.

End of Meeting

Rob Hill
Vice Commodore