DF95 Series #18

Four sailors took advantage of a Chamber of Commerce day at the Cove. An extreme high tide along with a 5-8k north westerly breeze challenged Paul in laying out a workable course. Indeed he succeeded with a Windward, Reach, Leeward, Windward, Reach and Run to the finish course that was great!!

Not an Olympic, rectangular, or trapezoid course. It was a Mercer course!

HENRY was on fire with great starts and 7 bullets over 12 races. Paul and Kim were always in the hunt with multiple first place roundings.

Wilkie had moments of tactical genius only to suffer from poor boat speed due to inadequate sail draft needed in the lumpy light air conditions.

With an ebb tide the sailors pushed for 12 races to enjoy 2 throw outs. 

Thank you Paul and Wilkie for launching and retrieval of the course.

As Race Director today, I enjoyed it all.

Jim Pascalides 

Next Thursday is MHBMYC’s annual DF95 regatta. We hope to have a large turnout!