Soling Series #15

Oh, What a beautiful mornin’Oh, what a beautiful dayI got a wonderful feelin’A light breeze is comin’ our way.
Who wouldn’t want to sing and sail on a morning like this?  Seven members did come down to the cove, six with boats and Manny who did a fine job of starting and scoring the seven races. Thanks again. Manny.Joe Gaedtke, a resident of the Village, was also there and, I believe took some pictures.The star attraction this morning was Paul’s new boat on its maiden voyage (at our club anyway).Paul has just built this boat from the new Vac-u-Boat Soling kit. It not only looked impressive, it was impressive winning three races and finishing second in three more. That was all it took to finish first overall today.There was a light to moderate breeze this morning, fluctuating from the south and Bill Raposa set the course: south to the red mark then the green offset both taken to port, then north with the line closed to take the northern red mark to port, then west to a red “throw in” mark also to port then back to the line.  The sixth and seventh races ran the same course, but twice around with the line open.Kim Hanna was racing like a master this morning and, like Paul, won three races and also had two second places to finish second only 2 points behind Paul.The only other race winner today was Bill who took third place this morning.Jim Kelly was fourth with Pat and me happily making up the numbers.The full results are on our website mhbmyc.orgGood, friendly competition today and lots of fun.
The next opportunity to sail Solings will be Tuesday, August 24th when the high tide will be at 10.13.  It would be nice to have a few more boats though.
But before that, in just two days time, on Thursday, August 19th we will race DF95s with low tide at 11.14. We might have to dodge a couple of light showers too. Rob will keep an eagle eye on the weather…….
Stay safe, healthy, and happy,