Soling Series #17

It was hot and humid this morning at the cove but the light wind was sufficient to run seven races in our traditional course: South from the start line taking both the red and green marks to port, then north to the red mark, taken to port, and back to the line. The line was open.Eight members were there this morning, but, unfortunately. Paul Mercer ran into a problem with his beautiful new Soling and ran the starter and kept score instead. Many thanks, Paul.Bill David won the first three races, then two more which, with his two third places, made him the easy overall winner.Bill Raposa won the two races that Bill D didn’t, and with two seconds and a third, Bill R was second overall. Kim had three second places and one third to finish just one point ahead of Danny for third and fourth places respectively.The full results can be found on our website mhbmyc.orgAnother fun morning’s racing. A fun time in fun company.

The next race days will be: DF95s on Thursday, Sept. 2nd at noon when the tide will be coming in from a low at 10.17. But the consensus view today was that there will be too much rain to race. Rob will make the final call.
 Solings will race on Tuesday, Sept. 7thwhen the tide will be going out from a high at 08.56.
I won’t be at next week’s races so please watch out for any news on our website and look out for emails from Rob and Bill R.Stay safe and well and have fun,Derek

DF95 Series #16

It was yet another hot and humid day today, but that couldn’t deter 13 members and guests from bringing their DF95s down to the cove to engage in some friendly competition. It was good to see Jim Pascalides again. He didn’t race but he did a fine job keeping score. Many thanks, Jim. We, once again, welcomed guests, Don Ouimette and Greg LaPlante who raced Solings with us last Tuesday. It really was a great day’s racing with so many boats and a SSW breeze. Fleet Captain, Rob Hill had called for a 12-noon start which turned out to be a good decision. He set the course: south from the line, take the green mark to port and head north with the line open, round the red mark to port then south again to take the green mark to port once more, then north to repeat taking the red mark to port and then back to the line.We held 7 races in all with a short break after the third race.Rob won the first race and then the last two. He also had one second and one third to be today’s overall winner just beating Don Ouimette on a tie break. Don had two wins today and two seconds and one third. The only other winners today were Bill David and Paul Mercer who finished third and fourth respectively. Henry DiPietro gave a display of consistency to take fifth place this afternoon.Actually, everyone was a winner today with so many competing in a very friendly atmosphere. One of our best days this year!  The group agreed with Rob to keep the noon start for next week.
The full results are on our website

The next time DF95s do battle will be next Thursday, September 2nd when the tide will be low and coming in. (Low at 10.17). Don’t forget the 12-noon start.But before that, the Solings have their day on Tuesday, August 31st when the tide will be coming in from a low at 08.30. Still 11.00 start.Stay safe, well, and happy,Derek

Soling Series #16

Seven boats were in the water at the start of racing today, six members and one guest, Greg LaPlante from Pawtucket. Manny ran the starts and kept score. many thanks once again, Manny.The wind was from the northwest so Fleet Captain, Bill Raposa set the course going out to the northern red mark, taken to port, south to the other red mark, and green offset also taken to port and back to the line. The line was closed.We only managed four races as, what started as a nice breeze, succumbed to the Tuesday Curse and we all had to be patient while our boats   s l o w l y   drifted back to shore. We elected to let the four races count as a Race Day with no throw-outs. However, we may have to rethink this decision if today’s results have a significant effect on the overall series scores.Bill David won two races and Greg and Kim won one each. Bill’s wins and one second place put him in the winner’s circle this morning. Kim and Greg had one second and one third each and both had a fifth so I gave Kim second place as he is a member!  Our guest was third.The two other Bills were 4th and fifth, Bill R just beating Bill N.The full results will be on our website later this evening.
We hope to have a more durable breeze on Thursday, August 26th when we’ll do battle with the high tide at 11.42 with our DF95s
The next Soling races are on Tuesday, August 31st when the tide will be coming in heading for a high at 3.30 pm.Stay safe and well and keep smiling.

Soling Series #15

Oh, What a beautiful mornin’Oh, what a beautiful dayI got a wonderful feelin’A light breeze is comin’ our way.
Who wouldn’t want to sing and sail on a morning like this?  Seven members did come down to the cove, six with boats and Manny who did a fine job of starting and scoring the seven races. Thanks again. Manny.Joe Gaedtke, a resident of the Village, was also there and, I believe took some pictures.The star attraction this morning was Paul’s new boat on its maiden voyage (at our club anyway).Paul has just built this boat from the new Vac-u-Boat Soling kit. It not only looked impressive, it was impressive winning three races and finishing second in three more. That was all it took to finish first overall today.There was a light to moderate breeze this morning, fluctuating from the south and Bill Raposa set the course: south to the red mark then the green offset both taken to port, then north with the line closed to take the northern red mark to port, then west to a red “throw in” mark also to port then back to the line.  The sixth and seventh races ran the same course, but twice around with the line open.Kim Hanna was racing like a master this morning and, like Paul, won three races and also had two second places to finish second only 2 points behind Paul.The only other race winner today was Bill who took third place this morning.Jim Kelly was fourth with Pat and me happily making up the numbers.The full results are on our website mhbmyc.orgGood, friendly competition today and lots of fun.
The next opportunity to sail Solings will be Tuesday, August 24th when the high tide will be at 10.13.  It would be nice to have a few more boats though.
But before that, in just two days time, on Thursday, August 19th we will race DF95s with low tide at 11.14. We might have to dodge a couple of light showers too. Rob will keep an eagle eye on the weather…….
Stay safe, healthy, and happy,

MHBMYC Member Meeting

These are the notes I took at the meeting held in the Billiards Room in the Clubhouse of the Village on Mount Hope Bay at 1.30 pm on Thursday, August 12th.
In attendance were Bruce Collemer, Bill David, Pat Donovan, Rich Field, Kim Hanna, Rob Hill, Jim Kelly, Manny Kyriakakis, Paul Mercer, Albert Meyer, Bill & Shelley Northup, Will Plante, Bill Raposa, and me.
Apologies for absence were received from Dick Mahoney, Wilkie Marvel, and Ned Popovic
We started with a lunch of delicious sandwiches from Clements accompanied by some equally delicious potato salad and coleslaw from Lees. We finished the meal with some of Kathy’s (my wife’s) homemade brownies.  There was a round of applause for Kathy’s efforts in pulling together the elements of the lunch.
1. Derek welcomed those present and said that the season was going quite well, but he was disappointed with the relatively low attendance for Soling racing.2. The Treasurer’s report was given by Kim who stated that the current paid-up membership stands at 21 for total fees of $550. Membership is now 22 as Will paid Kim at the lunch. The Club had sold some boats kindly donated by some former members and two Soling kits. Our main expenditure this year was the purchase of new buoys etc at the beginning of the season leaving a healthy balance of $1875.3. Fleet Captain’s Report, Solings was given by Bill Raposa. We’ve been unlucky with the Tuesday weather and there’s nothing we can do about that, but we have 17 Solings on the score sheet and typically we have only had 5 to 7 turn up.  We need more boats!    Fleet Captain’s Report DF95 was given by Rob Hill who had taken over from Jim Pascalides mid-season. We thanked Jim for his past efforts and wished him well. The DF 95 fleet is flourishing with guest members frequently racing with us. two of these, Sam Morgan and Don Ouimette plan to join the club next season. There are 20 boats listed on the score sheets plus 3 guests and we typically get 10 to 12 boats racing. Rob said that maybe we could consider a later start, say noon or 1 pm to get better wind conditions. It was left that the Fleet Captains could call for later start times as long as plenty of notice is given.4. A report on the website was given by Paul. The website is going well and appears to be well used, but Paul strongly recommended that the club purchase two low-cost Android Tablets and the Afleet software so that other people in the club learn how to score the events. This was agreed and Kim offered to carry out this task.5. Rob led a discussion on the end of season Regattas. It was agreed that the low-key event structure we had last year would be used this year. The Regattas will be on a no-fee basis, just turn up and race, scoring will be on our usual scoresheets and results calculated by Afeet software. There will be a break for lunch and everyone should bring their own. The results will be available and the prizes will be given before everyone leaves. The prizes will be the usual glasses.Rob offered to run both regattas and this offer was gratefully accepted.The regatta dates are listed on this season’s schedule. See if you’ve mislaid your copy.6. Banquet tasks. The Great Room in the clubhouse has been reserved for Sunday, September 19th at 6.30 pm.This is a pot-luck get-together to which wives, husbands, and significant others are invited. We ask each member to bring some food, but beer, wine, and soft drinks will be provided by the club.Bill Raposa “volunteered” to be in charge of getting the beverages, and getting tablecloths, paper plates, cutlery, glasses, and trash bags.  Thank you, Bill.Rob will once again take care of getting prizes. Thanks, Rob.Manny will look after providing coolers and ice. Thanks, Manny. Then we’re all responsible for providing food and, just so we don’t get too much of one thing and too little of another, I’ve asked Kathy if she will co-ordinate the effort.She will and her email is  Please let her know what you are planning to bring.7. Election of Officers. Steve Morganstern has resigned as Secretary. It was agreed that we continue without a Secretary at this present time.All other officers are willing to continue for another season and there were no opponents,8. Any other business. Bill Raposa brought up the subject of end of season, pulling of marks, storing the box and boat, etc.  As we most likely will continue to race past the official season end, it was agreed to leave the dates and decisions until later.Thank you all for attending,Derek

DF95 Series #14

The hot and very humid weather couldn’t deter 12 members from going down to the cove today, 11 racers and Shelley who kindly kept score. Many thanks, Shelley. The wind was not as strong as advertised, but good enough to propel our boats for a total of eight races. The wind was from a southerly direction and rob set the course: south to the green mark taken to starboard, then north with the line open to the red mark, taken to port, then back to the line. We welcomed, once again, Don Ouimette from the Housatonic Club as our guest and he showed us how it’s done by winning 4 races, finishing second in 2 and third in another to have the overall win today. In second place today was Rich with 3 wins, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds. The only other race winner today was Paul who also had 2 second places and 2 thirds so Paul finished third overall. Rob was fourth and Kim was fifth. There was a lot of close racing today and lots of fun. The full results are on our website

DF95s do battle again next Thursday, August 19th when the tide will be almost fully out.
But, before that, the elegant Solings take to the water on Tuesday, August 17th when the tide will be coming in from a low at 08.50. So get those dust covers off the Solings and go racing.

Stay safe and well and have fun

Soling Series #14

Once again we are in the Tuesday Doldrums. It’s uncanny!The wind in the racing period is forecast to be 3 to 4 mph, so rather than float, Bill Raposa, Soling Fleet Captain and I decided to cancel racing today.There will be DF95 racing on Thursday with our club meeting at 1.30 pm.  Please be there.See you then,Derek

Soling Series #13

A pleasant morning with virtually no breeze meant that just 6 boats were in the water at the start.  Manny was there to look after starting and scoring once again. Many thanks, Manny.The start was delayed slightly while we waited for the promised wind to arrive from the south, but we did eventually hold seven races.  Bill Raposa set the course: head south to take the red and green marks to port and back to the line. As the wind strengthened we ventured farther afield and headed north from the red and green to the northerly red with the line closed. This red was also taken to port and then back to the line.We didn’t use the blue mark because it was resting onshore having been found by Bill Raposa in the stream that runs through the beach last weekend missing its weight.  Until the weight can be replaced, we left the mark in the undergrowth.  We won’t lose it as it has a unique aroma that can’t be missed.OK. Back to the racing. Bill David won four races and was third in three to become the overall winner today.  Kim was second this morning with two wins, three seconds, and one third. Paul had one win, three seconds, and two thirds to claim third place. Well sailed all. Bill R, Jim Kelly and I finished in that order. The full race by race results may be found on our website
Former Commodore, Ed Haddad has very graciously and generously donated his Soling, “Sizzlin'”‘ sail number 99 to the club for sale. This boat is in excellent ready-to-race condition. If you are or anyone you know is interested in acquiring this boat, please contact me.
There is rain forecasted for Thursday, so the racing may be canceled.  We have decided to postpone the club meeting that was to follow and move the meeting one week to Thursday, August 12th. Lunch sandwiches etc will be provided.
The next Soling racing will be on Tuesday, August 10th when the tide will be heading out from a high at 10.07.
Stay safe, well, and happy,