DF95 Series #11

A beautiful summer’s day and a good breeze greeted the10 members and 1 racing guest who made it down to the cove for the later start time of noon. The tide was low and coming in, and the wind was from the northwest. Rob prepared quite a simple course, Head in a northerly direction from the wide start line and take the blue mark to port (not nearly so simple as it sounds), then head south, through the gate formed by the red and green marks and back to the line.We were also visited by Cam Church and John Perkins, who had visited us on Tuesday when he saw no racing. That wasn’t true of today as we held 8 races, all of them close. Dick Mahoney had to leave after 30 minutes and only competed in the first three races. Jim Kelly, Albert Meyer, and Pat Donovan were the victims of intermittent problems with their boats, and Rob got his habitual rowing practice after race three when Jim Kelly’s boat stubbornly stopped working offshore. Rich won three races and had two seconds and one third to finish in first place overall today. There were three other race winners today: Rob won two, Paul won two and Bill David won one.Rob had two second places which got him to second place today. Paul had one second and two thirds and finished third . Bill David also had one second and two thirds and that took him to fourth place. Our guest from the Newport DF 95 group, Ben Hall was fifth with Kim sixth.Close racing and good fun today.  Well done everybody.
The full results can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

The next race day will be for Solings, next Tuesday, July 27th (High tide at 11.28), and the next DF95 day will be Thursday, July 29th (High tide1.08 pm)
Have a wonderful weekend,Derek