DF95 Series #3

Yet another beautiful New England spring day with a strong wind from the west shifting to southwest. The waves added some complexity to the course.The conditions attracted 11 members to the cove and there were 9 boats in the water at the start of today’s event but Manny decided not to race this morning and Albert used the time to practice. Pat brought his boat, but didn’t race so that left seven to do battle. It was good to see Dick Mahoney back racing and today marked the return of a recovering Wilkie and Jim Kelly to the cove. Great to see you both. Jim kept score and offered miscellaneous advice. Many thanks, Jim.  Judy David came along to support Bill and brought their son, Ken.  Welcome!The start line was in it’s more or less usual position and from there the course headed south to take the green mark to port then headed north to take the red mark to starboard and back to the line.We held six races and had three different winners: Rich Field won three and was the clear winner overall. Paul won two and was the runner-up. Rob won one.In third place today there was a tie between Bill D and Kim, but Bill gets it on places.  Rob was fifth just one point behind Bill and Kim.  That was my fault as Rob didn’t compete in the final race because he was in the rowboat rescuing my boat which had lost all controls. Sorry, Rob, but thanks for the rescue, Dick wasn’t on his usual form and finished sixth. By process of elimination, I must have been seventh. Oh well.Thanks to Rob and Jim for troubleshooting my boat’s problem. It appears that I might need a new receiver……that’s my next job.The full results are shown on our website mhbmyc.org
The next DF95 excursion will be on Thursday, June 3rd at 11.00when the tide will be coming in from a low at 09.40But before then, next Tuesday, June 1st it will be the turn of the Soling fleet when the tide will becoming in with a high at 14.11 “Errors and omissions” seems to be a regular feature now! In the “Wooden Boat” email I listed Paula’s town as Mansfield. It is, in fact, Marshfield MA.  Apologies.In other news, I had a visit from Jim Linville of the Minuteman club to look at Solings for sale, so Rob made a double journey to bring over number 94. Dave Cochran’s former boat and this was the one chosen. So, another $300 for our (or is it Kim’s) treasure chest.Stay safe and well and have a great weekend,Derek