DF95 Series #2 May 20, 2021

I’ll never get tired of saying this. It was yet another beautiful New England Spring morning and today there was a wind from the west and then the northwest and then from the southwest which made competitive sailing possible and enjoyable.There were quite a few spectators today including a number of members without their boats. These included Bill David’s wife Linda, Shelly and Bill Northup, Pat Donovan, Bill Raposa and we were pleased to see Will Plante with his son, Steve. I kept score for the seven races held today. Albert Meyer brought his new DF95 and practiced, but didn’t race.Race winners today were Rob Hill with three, Bill David with two, and Paul Mercer and Kim Hanna with one each. Rich Field did well with three second places and one third and Manny did well for his first race this year. The full results will be on our website at mhbmyc.org  Well done to all.Another relaxed, friendly morning at the cove that resulted in first place for Rob, with Paul in second place. Just one point behind was Rich and just one more point down was Bill D.  Really close racing! We heard that Wilkie’s procedure went to plan and he will spend the next few days recovering and getting back his fighting fitness.  Well done, Wilkie.

Ed Haddad has made a very generous gift of all his spare boat parts so, together with the parts donated by Dick Priestley, we should be able to keep our elegant Soling fleet going for a while. The next DF95 race day is Thursday, May 27th at 11.00 when the tide will be going out from a high at 09.30.
But on Tuesday before then, May 25th it’s the return of the Soling fleet with the tide going out to a low at 12.48.
All the latest news on our website mhbmyc.orgStay safe and well,Derek