DF95 Series #1

Another beautiful New England Spring morning, the only drawback being the very light wind.Rob got started at 10.00 with an entertaining and informative whiteboard presentation on the rules concerning Windward/Leeward and Overlap.  Attending were Bill D, Bill R, Bruce, Danny, Kim, Manny, Paul, Wilkie and me. Rob introduced a friend of his, Sam Morgan who had travelled from Holden, MA to race with us (Sail number 73). Rob fielded a number of questions and was thanked by all.Just after 11.00, there was just enough wind to move the boats.  Wilkie and Manny decided not to race and Danny borrowed my boat so he could savor the joys of racing a DF95. Also in the water were Bill D, Rob, Kim, Paul, and Sam.  In view of the low wind, we decided not to score races today.  We did, in fact, race five times and I did note the winners.  They were Sam, Kim, Paul, Rob, and Paul again.  Well done to all of you. We had another visitor, Cam Church, a friend of Pat Donovan, who was also with us on Tuesday.  It was good to see Ned Popovic and Dick Mahoney pay us a visit too.
The next DF95 race day is Thursday, May 20th at 11.00 when the tide will be coming in with a high at 3.30 pm.
But, before that, we will try to race the Solings again at 11.00 on May 18th when the tide will be coming in with a high at 1.43 pmAll the latest information can be found on our website at mhbmyc.org
Take care, stay safe and have fun,Derek