New Soling available soon.

              The New "Vac-U-Soling" Sailboat

I am happy to announce that Vac-U-Boat has been approved as a Manufacturer for the Soling One Meter Class. The New “Vac-U-Soling” has been built and Sailed with positive feedback from the skippers who built them. The new boat has been received well by all that have seen and sailed against it.

Phil Pace of Vac-U-Boat over the last 11 months has worked hard to produce new Molds and used updated manufacturing techniques to simplify and improve the buildability. The new boat offers a one-piece Hull with Transom as part of the hull. The Keel and Rudder are already built and ready for installation. Gone are the days of using the Soling One Meter Building jig to line everything up.

Please contact Phil at and or visit

Vac-U-Boat – Maker of Easy To Build Model Boat Hull Kits (

Phil expects to be ready to start filling orders the third week of January.

Please keep in mind that in the beginning the new Kit will only include the boat. Rigging, Mast and sails will need to be built at home or purchased from others. The good news is that your existing rig/s will attach to the new boat with out modification.

Some replacement parts for your existing Victor Soling One Meter are available. Contact Vac-U-Boat for availability of replacement parts