MHBMYC 12th Soling Regatta

It was a chilly start to the morning, but the water was still quite warm. We were all disappointed to hear that Bill Raposa was the victim of an over-enthusiastic ‘flu shot and would probably not make it down to the cove today.  Recover very soon, Bill. We also heard that Bill David wouldn’t be with us today as his wife, Judy was in the hospital.  We heard later that she was OK and Bill was taking her home. Full recovery soon, Judy.So we lost two of our fiercest competitors and we started racing with only six boats in the water.Wilkie kept score (many thanks to Wilkie), Will, Pat, Ned, and I, and later Manny formed the cheering crowd.  We also welcomed Mike Troy, a friend of Paul’s to the cove.The wind was from the northwest and quite strong and Race Director, Rob Hill explained the course to the six racers starting today.  The diagram of the course is attached. From the start line head to the white mark 1, taken to starboard then towards shore and round the red mark 1 also taken to starboard then sail south to take red marks 2 and 3 to starboard and back to the line.  The first 5 races followed this course, but for the 6th and last race of the morning, Rob added an additional link.  After rounding the first mark the boats returned to the start area, rounded the yellow pin, and then back to white 1 to follow the original course.The six morning races resulted in five wins for Paul and one for Dick Mahoney. Dick was second in three and Paul was second in the one he didn’t win.  Kim and Jim Kelly were the other second place finishers and they each had one third place.  Bill Northup had three third place finishes.The session ended with drama: Bruce’s boat drifted off out of control, so Bruce rowed out a long way to rescue it.  I asked Bruce if he was exhausted, but he replied, “No, but I’m ready for lunch”.  It turned out that Bruce’s boat had stripped a servo gear and he retired.  After lunch, the wind had shifted to come more from the west, so Rob adjusted the start line and we went back to the original course.  Just for the eighth race, Rob again added a link, this time from white 1, back to the start line and around the white pin taken to starboard then back out to white1 and the original course. Bill Northup’s boat also had a problem and was out for the afternoon which left only 4 boats sailing.After the first two races of the afternoon, the wind died and we decided to end the regatta after ten races in total and allow two throw-outs.  By the end of the contest, there were only three boats in the water!  Wilkie also rowed out to rescue Jim’s boat in the ninth race. Paul won three of the four races and Dick won the other. Dick was second twice as was Kim and it was no surprise that the survivors were the top three finishers today.
Regatta Winner          Paul Mercer
Runner-up                  Dick Mahoney
Third Place                 Kim Hanna
Fourth Place               Bill Northup
Fifth Place                  Jim Kelly
Rob made the awards to the top five and, despite the low entry and the 50% attrition we all had a good time.  We expect at least double the entry in the DF95 regatta.
In other news, Ned Popovic told Rob and me that he intends to concentrate on DF95 racing and will donate his Soling to the club.  That’s very generous of you, Ned and we accept with many thanks.
I took some photographs today and,as soon as I sort them out, I’ll send some out.  Probably tomorrow.  As always, these days, Paul has posted the results to our website

The next event is the First DF95 Regatta just two days away on Thursday, Sept. 17th. Just get there by 10:45 to enter and don’t forget to bring lunch and chairs.  Awards will be made soon after the end of the last race, so stick around for a while.

The next Soling event is Match Racing on Tuesday, Sept. 22nd.  Tide will be coming in with a high around 1 pm.  This will be limited to 12 entrants, first come first served.  Please let me know if you wish to enter before 5 pm on the day before, Monday, Sept. 21st  Rob Hill has offered to run proceedings.
See many of you on Thursday.
Stay safe and well.