Important Racing Update

Last Thursday amid the confusion of “to race or not to race”, nine or ten members went down to the cove and we spent some time discussing the remainder of the season.We decided:1. We will run the race days as planned so the final race day for Solings is next Tuesday, Sept 8th and for DF95s next Thursday, Sept 10th
2.  We will hold the Annual Regattas as planned with Solings on Tuesday, Sept 15th and DF95s on Thursday, Sept 17th.  The good news is that there is no entry fee this year. Just turn up before 10.45 when the skippers’ briefing will be held. The not so good news is that we have to provide our own lunches.  More details to come.
3.  Regrettably, there will be no Awards Banquet this year.  Awards and recognition will be made immediately following each Regatta.
4.  We will hold a match race for Solings on Tuesday, Sept 22nd and for DF95s on Thursday, Sept 24th.  As usual for match racing, you will need to bring your own lunch and we will need to know entries in advance.
5.  A  revised schedule is attached showing an extension until mid-October, but the intention is to continue racing until either the weather or our cold feet and legs make it prudent to stop.