MHBMYC “Opening Up”

The opening up yesterday was just a tiny chink, but it was a start.Rob, Will, and Bill Raposa went down to the cove early and got the marks in the water.Well done and thanks to all.Paul Mercer and I had brought our Solings and Rob had his DF95We were very pleased to welcome back Dan McHugh,  Dan retired on May 1st so he is free to race with us this year. He brought his Soling too so we had three Solings in the water and Rob’s DF95.  We splashed about for about twenty or thirty minutes and Rob sailed the DF95 that he’d built for Manny.  Manny picked up his new boat from Rob so we’ll have Manny back racing as well.Maybe more members will put a toe in the water next Tuesday, June 9th at 11 am.  It will be high tide at 11.48 so this might present a challenge for “Social Distancing”Stay well,Derek 

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