Zoom meeting May 19, 2020

MHBMYC Meeting of May 19th, 2020 at 3 pm

                                                        Meeting notes

Attendees:  David, Rob, Kim, Paul, Manny, Wilkie, Bruce, Dick M, Jim K, Bill David, Bill Raposa and Derek. Ned emailed to say he was unable to log on.

Dave, as host, welcomed everyone to our second Zoom meeting and sorted out the technical and user problems. Thanks Dave.

Derek and Rob made some brief opening and welcoming remarks.  The notes of the last meeting had been circulated and were deemed to be more or lesswhat happened.

Kim gave the Treasurer’s report and stated that the club had a total of $291.04 at the last meeting and we now have a total of $291.05 thanks to the miracle of compounding.

Jim Pascalides wasn’t in the meeting, but he had sent an email stating that sadly he would be unable to join us for racing this season owing to a hip problem. We send him our best wishes.

In view of this situation, Rob offered to fill the void as Acting DF95 Fleet Captain.

Paul stated that he adds items to the website as they become available. Recent items were provided by Wilkie and Jim P. so visit mhbmyc.org to see them all.

Rob led the discussion about when we might be able to start racing. There is no change from the last meeting.  At the present time in RI, groups are limited to 5 or less people with 6ft social distancing.

Rob said that he had made the lockable box that will be located by the steps to the beach. This will be used to store oars, marks etc.  There will be several sets of keys distributed to various members. Rob intends to fasten the box securely with chains so that it can be removed for the off season. The plan is that Will and Bill R will pick up the box next Tuesday, May 26th  at10.00  and Rob will install the box the same day.  

Charlie Smith had contacted Bill Raposa to see if he could help the club with placing the buoys.  We will accept with thanks.

We decided to collect the annual membership dues now.  Derek will send out a note.

It was good to see everyone again. The next Zoom meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 16th at 3 pm.



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