Meeting by Zoom 4/23/20

MHBMYC Meeting of April 23rd, 2020 at 3PM

Attendees:  David, Rob, Kim, Paul, Manny, Wilkie, Bruce, Jim P and Derek. Dick M, Jim K and Bill joined towards the end of the meeting. Ed had sent apologies. Ned emailed to say he was unable to log on and Steve phoned towards the end of the meeting (tech. difficulties).

Dave, as host, welcomed everyone to our first Zoom meeting and explained how to navigate the system.

Derek and Rob made some brief opening and welcoming remarks.  The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated with the agenda and were approved by a show of hands.

Kim gave the Treasurer’s report and stated that the club now has an EIN and has a total of $291 in the bank.  The subject of membership dues came up and Manny suggested that we waive dues until we actually startracing.  Agreed by show of hands.

Jim Pascalides suggested that if we race both classes of boat on the same day (We have already agreed to try this for the first 4 or 5 days) the DF95s should race after the Solings as the wind tends to get stronger as the day goes on.  This was agreed.

Paul and Wilkie stated that the club’s new website is up and running successfully. is the place to visit. Paul has also created a Facebook page for the club.  The name is Mount Hope Bay Model Yacht Club.  Paul also mentioned that he has scorekeeping software that, run on a tablet, will allow us to have the racing results before we leave the beach.

Rob led the discussion about when we might be able to start racing. The AMYA has already stated that racing is cancelled through June and we will comply with the State and local directives.  At the present time in RI groups are limited to 5 or less people with 6ft social distancing.  Rob said that he planned to build a lockable box to be located by the steps to the beach. This will be used to store oars, marks etc.  There will be several sets of keys distributed to various members

It was great to see everyone and to have a successful meeting. The next Zoom meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 19th at 3 pm.



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