2023 Sailing Season

The club will race two fleets, Solings on Tuesdays and DF95s on Thursdays. All racing will start promptly at 11.00. There will be no racing on July 4th.

There will be one main Championship for each fleet to be scored as follows: If 10 days are raced the best 6 days will count. For 11-12 days, the best 7 days to count. For 13-14 days, the best 8 days to count, and for 15 or more days, the best 9 days to count.

There will be no specific dates for fleet Regattas. These days will be determined by the Fleet Captains in consultation with the fleet members with the objective of getting a good turnout.

“Make Ready” will take place during the week May 8th to May 12th and racing will start on Tuesday, May 16th.

The official season will end with racing on September 14th, but racing for fun will continue until the weather deters us.

Weather delays and postponements will be announced by 0900.

The pot-luck Awards Banquet will be held in the Village Clubhouse on Sunday, September 17th at 6.00pm.