Good morning all,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and are looking forward to DF95 gifts under the Christmas tree!  

Attached you will find an outline for a 2023 DF95 New England Traveler Trophy series that Rob Hill and I have been working on over the last several weeks. The ‘regatta light’ series is loosely structured after the Texas and Florida models. Our hope is that we can encourage the region’s sailors to travel to a series of one day events to increase regional participation and earn points towards national ranking. This approach avoids the costs associated with a two day regatta requiring hotel and meal expenditures. 

Rob and I felt it was important to get this notice out now, prior to the new year as many clubs have winter meetings to set their upcoming schedules. 

Once you have reviewed the outline I would ask you to do several things: 

Provide feedback to Rob and I on the plan. Use ‘reply all’ so that we can have a regional discussion  about going forward. 

Distribute the plan to your club membership for their review and feedback

At you winter club/organization meeting, discuss dates the club is willing to host an event

The DF95 is a great boat and there is a lot of club racing here in New England. I’ve sailed with three clubs outside of my normal sailing venue here in Newport and I have to say that there are a lot of good sailors out there. Let’s try to give those sailors broader experience by sailing in different venues. 

More to come!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Henry DiPietro

Director, DF95 Region 1


2023 Patriot Travelers Trophy
The Traveler Series
• Five, one day events spread across eastern New England running from
May to September or October
• There would be one regatta per month.
• Each regatta is a one day event, Saturday the primary with Sunday as
the rain date.
• Each regatta would have a first warning at 11 am with no race starts after
3 pm.
• The entire series would count as a single regional scoring event towards
national points ranking and would require a minimum of ten(10) boats per
event to qualify.
• The events are open to all registered DF95 skippers
• A skipper can use 4 of the five (or six) events toward national points
• Structure the series to provide a wide range of sailing experiences: fresh
& salt water, heavy and light wind venues, rural and urban settings
Organizing Authority Responsibilities
• Develop schedule based on club inputs • Develop and post NORs
• Manage event registration
• Provide prizes for podium finishes
• Manage national points standing
Host group responsibilities
• Have the club schedule and commit to a TT event • Provide location and course
• Provide a race director (optional)
• Provide a scorekeeper
• If possible, provide a chase boat
$10 entry fee to cover cost of prizes Food & beverage – BYO