DF95 Series #12

DF 95 Series #12 today.

A very pleasant day, fantastic day actually. Generally South wind at 10 with relatively flat water. Mid tide. Our fleet numbered 11 boats with only a couple of minor breakdowns. The dinghy stayed dry and all 11 were in the water at the end.

Judy David joined us and skillfully scored. Thank you.

David Vigeant purchased Derek’s boat #35 and joined the fleet today. Henry DiPietro brought his beautiful  new boat for her first event. And Rob re-emerged from where ever he’s been for nearly 2 months.

The course was a triangle, rounding the two SW buoys to starboard, down to the green leeward mark to port, back to the two SW buoys to port, then home. This gave us two good windward legs and a challenging start as the initial port tack had to be hard on the wind to clear the first marks and minimize the crossing tack. 

Three skippers won races today, Henry had one, Rich Field took two and Rob won three. Some found the leeward green mark difficult to negotiate as it was hard to know when to turn to clear it.

The top 5 finishers were Kim Hanna at fifth with 21 pts including 1 second. Henry took fourth place with 19 pts including a first and a second. Paul Mercer was third with 15 pts including 3 second place finishes. Second went to Rich Field with 12 pts / 2 firsts. And Rob won the day with 8 pts, three firsts and a second.

Congratulations to all for a well sailed day.