Bad day for Solings

Hi All,

Today started out warm and humid with a good SW breeze, at least away from what little high tide beach there was.  6 sailors were ready to sail.  We had a stellar scoring team, consisting of Judy and two granddaughters, Sophie and Maggie, all of whom were there to celebrate a birthday with “gramps”, AKA Bill D.  

Bill R. set up the course with the usual start line that didn’t require the rowboat to set up (more on that later).  The course went around the two windward marks taken to starboard, then around the green mark to port, then around the windward marks to port (a long upwind leg) to cross the start/finish line downwind.  All went well until half way through the first race, when Paul had a problem with his new Soling that had him limp in half-way through the race.  The Bill R. won the race, followed by Dan and Kim.  Then came the second, and as it turned out tragically, final race of the day.  Jim K. joined that race and Kim and Bill D. got irretrievably hung up after rounding the two upwind marks.  The race finished with Pat D. winning, followed by Bill R. and Dan.

As soon as Bill R. finished the second race, he volunteered to take the rowboat out to get the two tangled boats, which were making great time toward Fall River.  It was a long row which will earn him extra beer from Kim and Bill D.  Bill D.’s boat was in tact, although in need of adjustment, while Kim’s had a broken main boom.  With now a long delay and few boats still seaworthy, we decided to call it a day and celebrate with Bill D. with cupcakes that Wilkie brought.