DF95 Match Racing

A perfect day for DF95 Racing. Strong breeze generally southerly. Water fairly flat, a surprise given the last few days of strong wind. High Tide late morning, so plenty of water.

Jim Pascalides ran the event with assistance from Shelley Northup. Thank you both. Match Racing can be tough on the voice, and we had 55 races to complete.

Jim set up a windward/leeward course, North/South with start finish in the middle. The boats were started in pairs, and most of the time we had 3 pairs on the course at the same time.

The racing was quite competitive with only 8 points separating the entire field. 

Kim Hanna won 10 of his 11 races with consistent good starts, smooth mark roundings and strong control downwind. Well done Kim!

Paul Mercer placed second, 1 point behind. Right behind Paul by 1 point were Bill David and Dick Mahoney. One more point had a tie with Wilkie and Rob.

The rest of the field, in order: Rich Field, Bill Northup, Will Plante and Nick Bailey. Jim Kelly retired with a broken halyard.

A great fall day was had by all.


Setting up
#300 and #00 dueling on leg 1