B Rigs for 2023

DF95 skippers please consider purchasing a B rig for next season. We lost a few days this year due to high winds. We could have raced those days with B rigs. Maybe a Christmas gift to yourself? 🥴

End of 2022 Season

Last day at the cove this year. Cool and a brisk SW breeze. Six boats (4 DF95s and 2 Solings) raced informally for 5 races. With the winds steadily increasing the skippers called it a season. Then, the work of hauling buoys began. Kim and Wilkie used an 18’ RIB to grab the buoys and dragged them to the shore. A team on the beach hacked off the lines and moved the buoys that were heavily loaded with sea life up to the utility box. All lines were discarded. Goodbye 2022. See you all in May 2023!

October 5th Fun Sailing

A sunny day with a nice breeze from the North, made for a fun day of sailing for 7 skippers. Wilkie sailed his Columbia 42, Paul sailed his Canterbury J, Bill David sailed his CR914, Jim Kelly sailed a Vac-U-Soling, and 3 others sailed their DF95s. Multiple races were sailed on a triangular course set by Bill David. A light breeze seemed to favor the CR914. Everyone enjoyed the conditions and the informal racing.

After the winds died down, the skippers pulled their boats. Paul quizzed everyone about their preferences for the remaining weeks of sailing. Consensus was…..to sail on Thursdays.